My Mail Box (Residential)

My Mail Box (Residential) service provides you with a unique and simplified address. You can now enjoy total privacy and convenience with all your mail delivered to your preferred registered mailing address.

Your address is just a number. Mail will be delivered directly to your registered address. You enjoy total privacy and you can be assured that your address is not used for the wrong reasons. With this service, you can also save time and money from having to inform your clients, business associates and friends on the change of your mailing address, repeatedly each time you move.

Name of Subscriber
My Mail Box 88XXXX
Singapore 919191


88 is a standard prefix followed by 4 personalised numbers. For all incoming mail from overseas, the word 'Singapore' must be indicated at the last line of the address.

Additional 1-2 working days are required to process the items. Thereafter, Basic Mail and Registered Service delivery will follow SingPost service standards for each type of mail.

You will still be able to receive smartpac if your My Mail Box address is linked to a Singapore-based address.

For existing overseas-linked My Mail Box addresses, we regret that smartpac will not be forwarded overseas as they are solely for domestic usage only.

Please refer to smartpac terms and conditions for more information.

Period of subscription will take effect from the date subscribed. For instance, if you subscribed for a one-year service and the date subscribed is 10 March 2016, the service will expire on 9 March 2017.

Yes, if you need to change your registered address during the contract period, a fee of $30 (subjected to prevailing GST) per change will apply.

Cost depends on the number chosen.

The bill for renewal of annual subscription will be sent to your My Mail Box number one month before the expiry of the service.

No, there will not be any refund of the unused period of the subscription fee paid.

For more information on how to apply, visit My Mail Box (Residential) page.