Mail Retention Service

We keep your mail secure while you are away.

Worry about your mail when you’re away or travelling? Mail Retention Service allows your mail to be kept safely and confidentially at the post office until you return. You can collect them from the Post Office or have it delivered to you at the end of the retention period!

If you prefer to have your mail sent to another address while you are away, we can send them to a Singapore or overseas address with Mail Redirection service.

1st Month S$20
2nd Month S$30
Subsequent Months S$40 per month
Prices are not inclusive of GST.

How to Apply

  Apply / Renew at any of our Post Offices - Locate us
  1. Download Application Form.
  2. Fill up particulars and bring to any post office.
  3. Document(s) to bring along with your application form:

    i) Applicant’s National Registration Identity Card (NRIC);

    ii) Photocopies of the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) of all additional applicant(s), signed by each individual applicant for consent;

    iii) For applicants below 16 years old, signatory for consent can be given on behalf by their parent(s) or legal guardian.

    1. You can make payment via cash, NETS or cheque.
    You can also extend your Mail Retention Service via SAM Web! Payment can be made via eNETS Debit. You will need to have an existing GIRO On Demand account with SAM.