Ship in a Breeze

for Small Businesses, Marketplace Sellers, and Entrepreneurs.

Say goodbye to shipping hassles with POPStop, our dedicated Shipping and Returns Drop-off service!

Our friendly staff is here to assist you at our conveniently located manned service counter in all post offices.

Experience seamless transactions, save time, and enjoy added convenience with our strategically deployed locations. We've also got you covered with packing materials for your shipping needs.

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You can easily send your item(s) by dropping it off at a nearby location, which eliminates the need for doorstep pick-up or multiple drop-off attempts. This convenient option saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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We offer simplified shipping and returns services. Aim to ease complexities, making it easy for buyers to enjoy hassle-free drop-offs, time-saving, and prompt re-delivery. You can conveniently track your returns through the SingPost Mobile App for updates.

Why POPStop?

Why POPStop


eCommerce sellers who need a hassle-free shipping solution.

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Location and Convenience

Conveniently located at lifestyle hubs and heartland areas, including standalone Post Offices with parking for bulky shipping.

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Fuss-free and Efficient Process

Dedicated counters for eCommerce items, flexible item shipping, and daily collection for quick turnaround.

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Item Safety

Experience safe and secure item handling by our counter staff while receiving instant updates on your item status.


Businesses and brands to streamline your customers’ return process from online purchases.

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High Customer Satisfaction

Streamlining and enhancing your customer’s journey and experience with item returns.

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Cost Efficiency

Increase customers’ satisfaction while reducing service costs and redelivery charges.

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Elevate Shipping and Returns Experience

Our staff is available to ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience for your customers.

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Having your customers’ returns consolidated via our POPStop service reduces the carbon footprints in your logistics operations.


Where Can I Find POPStop?

It is available in all post offices.

What Kind of Items Can Be Accepted At POPStop?

Trackable Domestic eCommerce Items



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Tracked Letterbox

Tracked Package

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Speedpost Items

Speedpost Items

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How Does POPStop Works?
Register an Account on the SingPost Mobile App
Step 1

Item(s) drop off at POPStop counter

Step 2

Item(s) placed and scanned

Step 3

Instant notification via SingPost App

Step 4

Item(s) delivered


Carbon Efficient Way of Doing First-Mile

With POPStop, you can make a difference whether you are a Chief Operating Officer or a customer returning an item.

  • Support reduction in carbon footprint of deliveries

  • Reduce the need for individual driver pickups.

  • Complement your experience with SingPost's logistics network such as POPStations, Parcel Santa, POPDrop for added convenience.


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