HSBC Life HappyMummy

Stay confident from pregnancy to parenthood

HSBC Life HappyMummy is a two-plan bundle consisting of HSBC Life HappyMummy prenatal plan and HSBC Life Flexi Protector or HSBC Life – Life Treasure (II), offering focused protection for you and your newborn.

HSBC Life HappyMummy is the first prenatal plan in Singapore that covers early delivery by caesarean section for pregnant mothers.


Early Delivery by Caesarean Section Benefit for Mother

Receive 15% sum assured if the Life Assured has undergone a delivery at less than 36 weeks of gestation by caesarean section1 .

Comprehensive coverage for Mother and Baby

Stay protected from a comprehensive list of covered pregnancy complications, congenital illnesses and hospitalisation events

Transferable protection from Mother to Baby

Enjoy flexibility to transfer coverage of HSBC Life Flexi Protector or HSBC Life - Life Treasure (II) plan from Mother to newborn Child without underwriting, within 60 days from Child's birth.

HSBC Life Shield cover for newborn Child without underwriting

Apply HSBC Life Shield Plan B for newborn Child 2 and enjoy free first year premium 3 , within 60 days from Child's birth.

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