HSBC Life Super CritiCare

Stack your coverage, not your calories.

When diabetes and critical illness recurrence become more common*, let’s face the unexpected with confidence by taking charge of your choices in life.


HSBC Life Super CritiCare is a holistic solution with multiple payouts up to 600% Sum Assured and a Diabetes Care Programme that puts your well-being in your hands.

Key Features

Unlimited claims payout up to 600% Sum Assured (SA)

An affordable plan from as low as S$31 a day with multiple coverage for Early, Intermediate and Advanced Stage Critical Illness (CI)2

Coverage for Re-diagnosed Cancer, Recurrent Heart Attack and Stroke at any stages

100% SA payout each claim not only at Advanced Stage but also at Early and Intermediate Stage of relapsed or separate top common CI3

Diabetes Care Programme (worth S $2,500 per annum)

Control your diabetes condition through a complimentary care programme with professional support till end of the policy term4

Extra protection for 11 Special and 10 Juvenile conditions

Receive additional payout of 10% SA up to S $25,000 for each Special or Juvenile condition5

Death Benefit

Receive S$10,0006 if the Life Assured passes on

Eliminate disruptions to your CI coverage

Optional riders7 to waive future premiums upon diagnosis of Early to Advanced Stage CI, or involuntary loss of income

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