HSBC Life Cancer ReCover

Not all doors close when cancer returns

We are here to open new doors for the heroes who have fought and bounced back. We believe in you, and we are here to partner you to go further.

HSBC Life Cancer ReCover is the first plan in Singapore designed to protect cancer survivors by covering recurrent or new primary cancers.

Key Features

Early, Intermediate and Advanced Stage Cancer Benefit

Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer: 15% sum assured.

Advanced Stage Cancer: 100% sum assured, less any Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer claim paid previously.

Free Child Cover

Free coverage of 15% sum assured for your child should he/she be diagnosed with any Advanced Stage Cancer.

Waiver of Premium

In the event of Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer claim, premiums for the next 24 months will be waived.

Death and Terminal Illness Benefit

Receive 15% sum assured 5 if the Life Assured passes on or is diagnosed with terminal illness

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