Confirm+Chop Do For You

Safeguard Your Packages

Our letterboxes are guaranteed to keep your packages safe until pick up and are trackable online

Stay At Home and Receive Packages

Our letterboxes are there, rain or shine so you can stop worrying about your packages arriving unannounced.

Stretch Your Dollar

Deliver your parcels using our extensive letterbox network with the lowest price on the market and you can save on your delivery cost.


Reduce Carbon Footprint by up to 150X* for Deliveries to Your Letterbox Nest

Our letterboxes reduce the number of multi-trips to one location, and use e-scooters and e-vans in its daily routes.
* Based on internal calculation of carbon emission saving per article from delivery using an electric fleet to letterbox in comparison to a doorstep delivery by diesel fleet.

Book Your Tracked Package in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Book

Online via ezy2ship.net or the nearest post office

Step 2: Drop

Drop off at any post office counter

Step 3: Do your thing

We will notify your recipients when their parcels are inside the letterbox

Double Confirm+Chop with Smartpac


Double Confirm+Chop in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Purchase Smartpac

Buy from shop.singpost.com or post office

Step 2: Drop

Drop into any posting box

Step 3: Track

Track your delivery on SingPost mobile app or www.singpost.com/track-items