Service Announcements

21 Jan 2020
Philippines – Service delays

Philippine Postal Corporation has advised since 12 January 2020, it has experienced severe ashfall in the areas of Batangas, Laguna and Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite owing to the activity of Taal Volcano. Delays in the processing and delivery of postal items are expected.

15 Jan 2020
Indonesia – Normal Operations

Pos Indonesia has updated that the collection and delivery of all inbound and outbound postal items in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta and West Java Province is back to normal.

10 Jan 2020
Australia – Update on severe weather

Australia Post has updated that a severe weather event, resulting in bushfires in regional areas of Australia, is impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products to postcode areas 2250-2263; 2323-2430; 2440; 2443; 2446; 2469; 2471; 2500-2653; 2721-2730; 2753-2795; 2848; 2900-2914; 3700-3741; 3865; 3909; 4570; 4650; 4670; 4674; 4676; 5115-5117; 5220-5223; 5232-5253; 5271-5275; 6030; 6037; 6041; 6442; 6335-6338; 6725-6770.

There will also be an impact on mail flows into and out of Australia, owing to issues transporting mail to and from the specified areas.

06 Jan 2020
Indonesia – Floods

Pos Indonesia has advised that heavy rain in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta and West Java Province on 1 January 2020 led to floods which rendered all major roads in those areas inaccessible by any type of vehicle. Delays are therefore to be expected in the processing and delivery of all postal items. The affected districts and areas are in the following postcode areas:

  • Central Jakarta: 10xxx
  • West Jakarta: 11xxx
  • South Jakarta: 12xxx
  • East Jakarta: 13xxx
  • North Jakarta: 14xxx
  • Tangerang: 15xxx
  • Bogor: 160xx
  • Depok: 164xx
  • Bekasi: 170xx
  • West Bandung: 405xx
19 Dec 2019

Please expect delay for shipments to Israel as Israel Post is having backlog due to high incoming mails during the peak season. Processing and delivery delay will be affected.