HSBC Life Shield

Shield your loved ones with complete care

HSBC Life Shield is an Integrated Shield medical reimbursement plan designed to complement the Singapore MediShield Life plan.​


It offers you a wide range of benefits to cover your everyday healthcare needs, from pre-hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation.

Key Features

High annual coverage limits

HSBC Life Shield Plan A with private hospital coverage, offers a high annual limit of up to S$2.5 million.

Long pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage

HSBC Life Shield covers you up to 180 days before admission and 365 days after discharge.

Lifetime renewability

HSBC Life Shield protects you for life with guaranteed renewability.

Added coverage with a rider

HSBC Life Enhanced Care, an affordable rider that offers comprehensive hospitalisation coverage to enhance your protection.


Key Exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Treatments for illness related to STD, AIDS or HIV
  • Plastic surgery procedures
  • Other exclusions
    • Please refer to the General Provisions for the full list of exclusions.

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