Registered Service

Affordable and reliable way to send mails to your customers with ease of mind.

All mail items up to 500g may be accepted for registration. For overseas postings, it is only available if the service is valid to the country of destination.

Registered Service is a optional sign-for service that requires signature on delivery in Singapore and most destinations.

You can also track your item’s status (for selected countries). This service is ideal for confidential or important items which require special handling, processing and accountability.

  Singapore International
Rates Basic Mail Postage + S$2.24 Ordinary Mail Postage + S$3.60
Restrictions Weight limit of 500g Weight limit of 2kg
Delivery 2 working days Estimated 3 to 14 working days

Have questions regarding your sent Registered mail items? Check out our Support Centre, or use our Quick Tools for redirection and redelivery of your Registered mail items?

More About Registered Service

Registered Service does not provide detailed online tracking capability. It is not mandatory for registered items to be scanned at every stage of the delivery process be it for local or overseas delivery.

For registered service to overseas, the scan events may differ from post to post. A scan event will be shown if and when they are provided by the overseas postal administrations. For countries with no online tracking updates, SingPost will check with the overseas postal administrations on the status if the addressee did not receive the item after a stipulated time. Under the international postal agreement, overseas postal administrations may take up to 60 days to reply.

For any loss of the Registered Service, the maximum liability of SingPost is limited to Singapore Dollars Sixty-Eight (S$68.00) per article or the declared value of the item, whichever is lower.
SingPost shall not be liable under any circumstances for paper-related items such as documents.
Please click here for Registered Article Service Terms and Conditions.

Skip the hassle of heading down to a Post Office to send your registered articles, or if you need to lodge in bulk.


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