Corporate Mailing Solutions

Corporate Mail Services

Whether you are in need of sending mail in bulk, or finding ways to organize and manage your business mail – we got you covered. See our wide range of mailing solutions to cater to all your business needs.

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Registered Service

Local and overseas delivery of your letters and printed papers up to 500g – with added assurance for you and your customers.

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Business Reply Service

Ideal for banks and businesses that require frequent reply communications from customers, Business Reply Service (BRS) helps you speed up deliveries and reduce costs

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Franking Your Mail

Save costs and efforts needed to affix stamps for your business mail with franking. You will not have to worry about over and under-stamping your mail.

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Worried that you have to sort your business mail by size and weight? Not sure how much will postage be? Leverage our preprocessing services.

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Corporate Mail Management (CMM)

Need a collection service to pick up your corporate mail documents from any location islandwide? CMM will be the right choice for you with our fleet of vans and trucks.

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Postmarking is a convenient service that imprints an impression on postal items, in place of postage stamp.

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Tracked Services

Track important business documents and parcels conveniently via our proficient online tracking service.

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Rent a P.O. Box

All your important corporate mail will be kept private and secured within your rented P.O. Box located at our post offices.

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My Mail Box (Business)

This service is perfect for businesses that want to keep their actual address confidential from partners and customers. The number also conveniently stays the same wherever your business moves you to.

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Business Direct

Point-to-point collection and delivery for corporate customers who have to make multiple large-scale shipments from warehouses to multiple retail or commercial drop points.

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Postage-paid Products

Start sending with convenience anytime, locally with Postage-paid Products like smartpac and Prepaid Label.

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Mail Redirection Service

Afraid of lost mail when your office relocates? Have your mail follow you wherever you go with Mail Redirection Service.

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Mail Retention Service

We keep your mail secure while you are away.

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