Postal Data

Engage your customers more so than ever

Your business is thriving and you need to engage your customers more so than ever. In today’s eCommerce dominated marketplace, reaching your customers accurately is key.

Let us help you with your Postal Data needs.



SGLocate is an essential for achieving business performance and cost savings.

Get access to accurate residential and commercial addresses in one-click. Streamline your data collection and verification with SGLocate, a reliable API service. This service is ideal for websites, web forms, mobile app or application developers that can benefit from instant address verification.

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Instant Verification
Verify addresses when taking phone bookings, so you can avoid delivering to incorrect or fictitious addresses.
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Getting Deliveries Right
Reduce returned mail, undeliverable packages and delivery surcharges by being sure you have the correct addresses.
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Efficient Database Maintenance
Allows you to capture your customer’s information fast and accurately during on-boarding. Save time and effort in manually cleaning up your database.
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Optimised Market Targeting
Enhance your ability to profile and geo-target your customers with our building variables and coordinates.