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Supplementary Services Available (1) Dutiable goods admitted in the letter post. (2) Printed papers.  (3) Small packets. (4) Registration. (5) Blind literature.
Customs Declarations and Languages Value up to $700 - Green Label (CN22);

Value over $700 - Parcel Despatch Note in addition to upper part of Green Label.

French as well as English.
Prohibitions1 Platinum, gold, silver, manufactured or not, precious stones and jewellery; books, printed papers and photographs contrary to public morals and the Islamic faith; intoxicating liquors. Ordinary letters containing articles subject to Customs duty. Toy pistols; sulphur; jewellery items made of gold, precious stones.
Address Registered packets addressed to post box numbers only, that is, without the actual address of the addressee are inadmissible.
PARCEL POST (Air Parcel Only)                       
Supplementary Services Available None.
Customs Declarations Parcel Despatch Note.
Prohibitions1 Letters except those exchanged between the sender and the addressee of the parcel or persons residing with them; toy pistols; sulphur, labels or woven goods bearing designs in imitation of paper money; quinine coloured pink. Articles contrary to Islamic faith or intended to threaten the Government, incite disorders or plots, or bring the good name of any persons or organisation into disrepute; fragile parcels.
Restrictions1 Restrictions apply to the importation of plants. Certain articles may only be imported under licence from the Controller of Civil Supplies, Aden.
Invoices The invoice should be attached to the Customs declaration.
Import Licences All commercial parcels (i.e. parcels with a value of over 20,000 rials i.e. the equivalent of US$2,000 sent by a single sender to a single addressee) must be accompanied by an import licence issued by the Ministry of Economics, Supply and Trade at Sana'a.
Gift Parcels Parcels sent as gifts to addressees residing in Yemen and with contents intended for their personal use are admitted at the rate of one parcel per month per addressee, on condition that the value of the contents does not exceed US$85. Parcels of this kind whose contents are worth more than this amount will be returned to origin. Persons under the age of 16 cannot receive gift parcels by post. Any parcels sent to them will be returned to origin.
Address Parcels addressed to post box numbers only, that is, without the actual address of the addressee, are inadmissible.
1 Senders should determine import restrictions/prohibitions of destination country before posting.