Rain or shine, our postmen or couriers keep the nation's mail and packages on the move as they collect, process and deliver letters, documents and packages to households and addresses in Singapore while our friendly and helpful counter staff at our post offices or contact centre served with warmth and professionalism.

SingPost's staff are driven to deliver their best for their customers, whether behind the scenes or serving them directly. Some even go beyond the call of duty to help the people they serve daily, and their efforts won the hearts of our customers. This can be seen from the number of compliments pouring since we launched 'Thumbs Up!' in September this year. In less than three months, we have received more than 1,300 compliments from appreciative customers.

Similarly, the number of EXSA Awards winners has nearly doubled, up from 79 in 2010 to 120 this year. SingPost has seen a steady increase of EXSA winners in the past three years. One of our Customer Service Officers, Ms Alina Binte Yusof was a Superstar Finalist in the retail category. This is testament to our commitment towards service excellence.

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA), a national award managed by SPRING Singapore, recognises individuals who have made outstanding service contributions. It aims to develop service models for staff to emulate and create service champions.

Beyond Work

We offer our staff a range of social and sports activities through our recreational club, ZEST.O.

ZEST.O strives to actively promote healthy work-life harmony by creating an outlet for staff to have fun together by organising social and sports activities for staff development, interaction and relationship building.