Our Purpose and Values

At SingPost, we believe having a clear Purpose and strong Values is fundamental. A Purpose tells us the reason for our existence and our Values are ingrained principles that reflect our decision and are the essence of our identity.

Our Purpose and Values

Our Approach

Sustainability at SingPost is delivered through our Sustainability Framework which aims to inspire and guide all our employees to make every delivery count for people and planet. We envision this to be achieved through three pillars: Cherishing our Planet, Collaborative Partnerships and Culture of Trust.

Each pillar and its associated material matters are additionally mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). In so doing, we aim to demonstrate our strong belief that everyone has a part to play in promoting global sustainable development and we too commit to that in the best way that we can.

Our Sustainability Framework



We care about sustaining a liveable planet for future generations

Businesses are in a position to deliberate positive contributions to the one planet that we have. SingPost takes a serious view on this and commits to effect positive outcomes for the environment in everything that we do as part of our business strategy.

Climate Action and Resilience

Leading the charge in transforming the future of postal services and eCommerce logistics, SingPost responds to the climate challenges of rising global temperatures and changing weather and rainfall patterns. Climate action will also present opportunities SingPost can tap into of which we will seek to integrate into our business strategy.

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Resource Efficiency and Waste Management

We take pride in setting ambitious environmental targets and transitioning to a circular, low carbon economy. SingPost adopts the waste management hierarchy by not only addressing waste produced through reusing and recycling initiatives but also exploring innovative solutions and investing in infrastructure to tackle the issue at its source.