Countries starting with O

(formerly Muscat and Oman)

Supplementary Services Available (1) Printed papers. (2) Small packets. (3) Registration. (4) Blind literature.
Customs Declarations Value up to $700 - Green Label (CN22);

Value over $700 - Parcel Despatch Note in addition to upper part of Green Label.
Prohibitions1 Arms and ammunition, offensive weapons of every kind, fireworks; alcoholic drinks; radio transmitters and receivers and radio (wireless) telegraph apparatus; any book, newspaper, circular, picture, advertisement containing materials against the Government; immoral and obscene articles contrary to public moral and the Islamic faith; papers representing a monetary value or counterfeit money, narcotics or products deemed dangerous; cannabis plant, its leaves, blossoms, seeds, stems or any part thereof; raw or prepared opium; daisy plant; fabrics made of cotton or silk or other fabrics bearing designs in imitation of paper valuables such as bank-notes, currency notes belonging to the Government of Oman or any other governments; cold steels or other articles designed in a way to hide their true nature and can be used as knives, swords, etc; any sticks or guns designed in a way to hide its true nature as a gun or stick; clothes resembling military uniforms; fishing guns, robots; raw frankincense materials; ladies underwear bearing Quaranic verses; clothes with pictures promoting alcoholic drinks, with pictures of celebrities, or flags of other countries.
A licence or certificate for the importation of alcoholic and intoxicating liquors, including methylated spirits must be obtained by the addressee. The condition of delivery of medicaments and chemical substances are as follows:-
  1. Medicaments sent in small quantities for personal use will not be delivered to addresses unless they are accompanied by a medical certificate issued by the proper authority of the country of posting or by the Ministry of Health of Oman.
  2. Medicaments sent in large quantities and not intended for personal use will be examined by the competent authorities of the Ministry of Health, which is solely entitled to decide on their delivery or destruction.
  3. Chemical substances which are difficult to identify will be sent to the competent authorities of the Ministry of Health for examination. However, they must bear an adhesive tape giving their scientific name.
  4. The Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephones will not accept any liability for the return or destruction of the above items if they do not confirm to the conditions set out in paragraph (1) to (3) above.

Letter-post items or postal parcels sent to its country containing medicines or medical products are subject to the following measures:
  1. Enclosure of full details of names, quantities, dates of manufacture and duration of validity of medicines.
  2. A copy of the purchase invoice certified by the competent medical authorities.
  3. The sender's and addressee's addresses with telephone numbers so that the items may be delivered as soon as possible.
  4. An indication of the product's expiry date so that the date of limit for the use of any medicine may be known subject to its preservation under normal conditions, in order to be taken into account at the time of transport in postal despatches.
Address The correct postal address is SULTANATE OF OMAN. No other geographical description should be added.
PARCEL POST (Air Parcel Only)                                   
Supplementary Services Available None.
Customs Declarations Parcel Despatch Note.
Prohibitions1 Letters, except those exchanged between the sender and the addressee of the parcel or persons residing with them. For other prohibitions, see Prohibitions under LETTER POST.
Restrictions1 See under LETTER POST.
Address See under LETTER POST.
Packing Parcels should be very strongly packed.
Delivery Parcels are not delivered but have to be collected from the post office by the addressee.
1 Senders should determine import restrictions/prohibitions of destination country before posting.