Rent a P.O. Box

Want full security of your mail while you go on vacations or business trips? Need your own mailing address for your business? Rent a P.O. Box today.

All mail will always be kept private and secured within your rented P.O. Box located at our post offices. Depending on the location and demand, the annual service fee (including GST) rates are stated below. Pro-rated fees will apply for shorter durations.

Note: New rates are effective from 1st April 2016. All existing contract rates will remain unchanged until the expiry date.

Location Group Service Fee Per Annum (Rates are inclusive of GST)
A: High Demand S$214.00
B: Low Demand S$160.50

Choose Your Preferred Number

Have a preferred P.O. Box number? Simply reach out to our friendly Service Ambassador and reserve a box at the post office today! One-time fee applies.

Choice of P.O. BOX Number One-time Fee (exclusive of GST)
Golden Number From $588
Choice Number (Customer’s preferred no. not under SingPost Golden no. list) $100

Notice: If P.O. Box is full or dimension of the mail is unable to fit, SingPost will forward the mail to the nearest SingPost post office for self-collection. For any P.O Box mail which remains uncollected beyond 10 working days, SingPost reserves the right to return such mail to the sender or destroy the mail (if there is no return address).


How to Apply

  Apply / Renew at any of our Post Offices - Locate us
  1. Download Application Form.
  2. Fill up particulars and bring to any post office.
  3. You can make payment via cash, NETS or cheque.
  Apply online via SAM Web  - Apply Online
  1. Sign up or Login to your SAM account on SAM Web.
  2. Under Payments, go to Postal Services > PO Box Application
  3. Follow the instructions and click “Submit”.

Payment can be made via credit card or eNETS Debit.

You can also extend your Rent a P.O. Box service via SAM Web! Payment can be made via eNETS Debit. You will need to have an existing GIRO On Demand account with SAM.