Corporate Information


We are committed to conducting business that benefits the economic, social and environmental interests of those we serve, recognising that our enduring success is intertwined with the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

SingPost is the process of preparing its inaugural sustainability report for FY2017/18, and more details and updates on its Sustainability matters will be shared subsequently.

We are proud of our 150-year heritage,

And support the Singapore Philatelic Museum for the upkeep and preservation of philatelic materials and exhibits, as well as in museum activities.

Beyond serving Singapore as the national postal company, SingPost uses its extensive delivery network to serve the community and further fulfil its responsibilities to society.

We deploy our postmen to collect unsold bread, pastries and cakes from hotels and confectioneries four days a week and distribute them to self-collection centres across the island. We also leverage our distribution network of post offices, Self-service Automated Machines (SAM) and web portal to facilitate public donations, e.g. placement of Mercy Relief’s donation tins at selected post offices.

We sponsor food essentials every month to less privileged primary school students. We also organise activities to facilitate for staff volunteerism. Our staff donate, pack and distribute food goodie bags to needy elderly, as well as toys and games to underprivileged primary school children. These initiatives are carried out with our adopted charity Food from the Heart.

We have put in place a CSR program where employees organise team-bonding activities with a CSR element, for instance, volunteering or fund raising. We also work with Community Chest for the employee payroll deduction program.

Our people are a key resource.

As part of a holistic strategy to encourage personal and professional development, we ran programmes to raise awareness and promote participation among staff about training, such as the national SkillsFuture initiative.

Our staff social and recreation committee, Zest.O, launched several special interest groups to reach out to more staff members. These include a health and fitness club, movie club, and parenting club. Zest.O continues to run company-wide programmes every month, such as futsal and bowling competitions, and movie events that are extended to staff families.

SingPost has been recognised for strong relations between its management and staff. This longstanding partnership is evident in strong union participation at company events such as the annual long service award ceremony and the symbolic breaking of fast with Muslim frontline staff. SingPost was also conferred two special recognition awards at the 2016 HRM Awards – for Best Silver Talent and Re-Employment Practices, and for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies.

SingPost values the environment in which it operates.

Our POPStations network across Singapore enables our couriers to fulfil multiple deliveries at one location, reducing the distance they travel each month by 103,985 kilometres on average, thus curbing fuel use and carbon emissions.

We are continually replacing our delivery scooters with the more efficient and safer three-wheelers. The three-wheelers are fitted with bigger pannier boxes that allow our postmen to carry more items per trip, reducing the number of return journeys to delivery bases. Fuel use is further reduced through optimisation of delivery routes.

We adopt energy-saving practices for lighting and air-conditioning use, and actively engage and educate our staff to conserve and recycle.