Basic Services (Local)

Basic Mail & Basic Package is the most economical way to send your gifts, postcards, letters, printed papers and small packages within Singapore. You can send your Basic Mail or Basic Package by visiting any of our post offices, postal agents, or dropping them off at any of our posting boxes.

  Delivery Times Rates Notes
Basic Mail (Standard) Letter/Postcard11 working day
Printed paper: 3 working days
Please refer to Postage Rates table here Posting Cut off timings
Basic Services: For mail items posted by collection time
Within CBD: Mon - Thu: 7pm & Fri: 8pm (excluding public holidays)
Outside CBD: Mon - Thu: 5pm & Fri: 6pm (excluding public holidays)

Registered Service (Singapore):
For mail items posted by 1pm, Mon – Fri (excluding public holidays) at Post Offices
Basic Mail (Non-Standard) Letter/Postcard1: 2 working days
Printed paper: 3 working days
Basic Package 3 working days

199% of the local Basic Mail within the CBD area and 98% outside the CBD area will be delivered within 1 working day if posted by collection time.


Basic Mail (Standard) Basic Mail (Non-Standard) Basic Package
Standard Mail Conditions:

  • Mail items in standard envelope sizes: C4, C5, C6 and DL or specified Standard Mail sizes.
  • Letters, postcards or mail items in card form, printed papers or paper-based items in a paper-based envelope.
  • Mail items to be fully sealed on all sides.
  • Mail items to be in white, cream, pastel or light-colour.
  • Pressure-sealed and pagemail items.
Non-Standard Mail Conditions:

All mail items not meeting the Standard Mail conditions. These includes:

  • Paper based mail items that include but are not limited to annual reports, direct mail, books, catalogues, newspapers and periodicals.
  • Odd-shaped mail, eg. circular, triangular, in roll form etc.
  • Mail items in non-paper cover, eg. Plastic envelopes, pillow case envelopes, etc.
  • Mail set or mail with sprocket holes or computer printouts.
  • Mail items smaller than 140mm x 90mm x 0.2mm and lighter than 2g.
  • Mail items in envelope form larger than 324mm x 229mm and thicker than 14mm.
  • Mail items with watermark, dark intense colours, background design, patterning, embossing or security printing.
  • Mail items must not exceed the maximum dimension of 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm(height) and weighing not more than 500g.
  • For mail items that exceed 500g, and/or exceed 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm (height), Speedpost rates will apply with handling fee of $1.07.
Package Conditions:

  • Mail items containing merchandise, non-paper based content, bulky items etc. Examples: SIM Cards, Clothes, CD-Rom, Phone cases, Hair accessories, Samples.
  • Packages must not exceed the maximum dimension of 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm (height) and weighing not more than 2kg.
  • Packages exceeding 324mm (length) x 229mm (width) x 65mm (height) and/or weighing more than 2kg, Speedpost rates will apply with handling fee of $1.07.

 Not sure whether your item is standard or non-standard mail? Check out our Mailing & Packaging Guide