Tracked Mail

Tracked Mail is a letterbox delivery service for Letters and Printed Papers1 up to 500g. Your mail will be delivered to the recipient’s letterbox in just 2 working days.

You can track your Tracked Mail on SingPost’s website, and your recipient will be informed via SMS notifications when the mail is successfully delivered to their letterbox.

Weight Step Rates Delivery Restrictions
20g $2.55 2 working days Weight Limit:

Max Dimensions:
324mm x 229mm x 65mm
40g $2.65
100g $2.85
250g $3.15
500g $3.40

1Printed Papers include but are not limited to paper based items like annual reports, books, catalogues, direct mail, newspaper or periodicals.

How does Tracked Mail work

Book your shipment on or head down to any Post Office
Drop your mail over the counter at any Post Office
Recipient will receive an SMS when the mail has been delivered to their letterbox

Book your shipment via ezy2ship or do it over the counter at any Post Offices to book
and post your Tracked Mail.