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AXA@POST, an exclusive post assurance partnership between AXA, the #1 global insurance brand, and SingPost, a trusted local icon, now brings outstanding insurance solutions closer to you.

We provide innovative insurance solutions to meet your personal and business needs. Choose from the following categories to explore more:

General Insurance

SmartTraveller | Promo!

See the world and enjoy your travels to the fullest. With SmartTraveller, you are assured of the protection you need to travel with complete peace of mind.

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Get you & your family covered with various healthcare and family services.


SmartHome | Promo!

The ultimate protection for your home and family – with the flexibility to customise your own coverage to suit your family needs.

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SmartPersonal Accident

We provides around the clock protection for you and your family against the uncertainties in life.

SmartDrive | Promo!

Whether you are a busy executive on the go, a road trip traveller or a parent ferrying your kids, you deserve a protection plan that’s tailored for you.

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Protect yourself and your families against cyber risks and online breach by third parties.

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Life Insurance

Commercial Business

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