Wealth Treasure

When it comes to maximising investment potential and growing your wealth, you want an effective solution, yet flexible and hassle-free.
AXA Wealth Treasure is the answer you need to make your ambitions come true – It offers an exceptional Start-up Bonus to kick-start your investment, and an ongoing Loyalty Bonus from the 6th policy year to help you achieve your financial goals faster.


  • Exceptional Start-up Bonus
    Enjoy an immediate boost to your investment value right from the start with free bonus units of up to 100% in your first year.
  • Rewarding long-term values
    The longer you stay with us, the faster you will achieve your investment goals. Be rewarded with the Loyalty Bonus of 1% p.a. of your account value from the 6th policy year.
  • Flexibility to suit your needs
    Select your preferred currency and choose your suitable payment term from 5 to 30 years. Accelerate your investments using top-ups, or withdraw part of your investment any time.
  • Vital Protection Coverage
    Get peace of mind with the insurance coverage against unexpected death and terminal illness. Exercise your Life Replacement Option to facilitate legacy planning.
  • Wide Range of Investment Funds
    Diversify your investment. Select from our comprehensive range of funds spanning various industries and geographies.
  • Guaranteed Issuance upon application
    Enjoy hassle-free experience with no medical examination required.


  • Entry Age
    You must be between 18 and 70 years old to apply for AXA Wealth Treasure. The Life Assured must be between 1 month and 70 years old to be covered under the plan.
    The sum of Premium Payment Term and entry age cannot exceed 75 years.
  • Premium Payment Options
    Select the Premium Payment Term (ranging from 5 years to 30 years) at the point of application. No change of Premium Payment Term is allowed once the policy is issued.
    Invest in SGD or USD according to your preference.
    Regular Premiums are payable Annually, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly.
    The minimum monthly premium is SGD 300.
  • Start-up Bonus & Loyalty Bonus
    Start-Up Bonus is dependent on the selected Premium Payment Term and Premium Band.
    Loyalty Bonus is given to the policy starting from the 61st month from the Commencement Date, subject to the eligibility criteria.
  • Death Benefit & Terminal Illness Benefit
    Two Death Benefit options include
      •  Basic Death Benefit: 101% of Total Account Value
      •  Enhanced Death Benefit: The higher of (a) 101% of Total Account Value; or (b) Total Premiums paid (including recurring single premiums and top-up amounts) minus withdrawals. Insurance charge applies.
    The maximum Terminal Illness Benefit is SGD 3 million (or equivalent in value) per Life Assured, inclusive of all other policies issued by AXA and other insurance companies.
  • Regular Premium Reduction
    After the first 3 or 5 years (depending on the payment term), Regular Premium can be reduced by a maximum of 25% of the original Regular Premium committed at the Commencement Date, subject to the minimum Regular Premium.
    Bonus Recovery Charge applies.
    Policyholders will not be allowed to subsequently increase the Regular Premium after the premium reduction.
  • Withdrawal Options
    Ad-hoc partial withdrawal from both the Regular Premium and Top-up Account is allowed, subject to terms and conditions.
    Regular Withdrawal is allowed after the end of the Premium Payment Term. No withdrawal charge is applicable.
  • Premium Holiday
    After the first 3 or 5 years (depending on the payment term), the policy is allowed to go on Premium Holiday for a maximum 12 months (for policies with premium term of 5 – 9 years) or 24 months (for policies with premium term of 10 years and above). Repayment of the missed Regular Premiums during Premium Holiday is allowed, subject to terms and conditions.

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