SmartPersonal Accident

SmartPersonal Accident is more than a conventional personal accident policy — it provides protection for 3-generation families. It ensures comprehensive coverage not just for you, but your children and parents as well.


  • Customise your plan
    Tailor the policy to suit your needs and budget with 3 core plans and 7 add-on benefits available to choose from
  • 24-hour Hotline Assistance
    Emergency and travel assistance is available anytime, anywhere outside Singapore with a phone call away
  • Financial Protection
    Includes Income Protection, Loan Protection, Children’s Education Fund and Parent’s Shield are included
  • Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services
    Includes nursing Care, Doctor’s Home Visit, Housekeeping and Meal Services, Child Guardian and more
  • Medical Cover
    Includes TCM and chiropractic treatment, dengue fever, food and drinks poisoning, insect and animal bites
  • Leisure Sports Cover
    Includes motorcycling, scuba diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, sky diving and water sports.
  • Full Terrorism Cover
    Includes terrorism by nuclear, chemical and/or biological substances.


    Adult - 18 to 65 years old
    Children - 15 days to 18 years old or up to 25 years old if still in full-time study
    Resident of Singapore
    Singapore citizen or Singapore PR
    Holders of valid Employment Pass, Work Permit, Long Term Visit Pass or Dependent Pass
    Maximum 182 consecutive days outside Singapore.
    Participation in extreme sports e.g. racing, motor rallies, marathons and mountaineering.
    Manual workers on board vessels, at construction sites, working outdoors above 30 feet, diving activities and members of an aircrew.

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