We provides around the clock protection for you and your family against the uncertainties in life.

SmartCover is a highly flexible plan that allows you to customize coverage according to your needs. It also provides protection for 3-generation families to ensure comprehensive coverage not just for you, but your children and parents as well.


    Singapore citizens, Singapore PRs, or holders of valid employment or student passes, long term social visit or dependent passes.
    The child must be insured with at least one parent, subject to maximum 50% of the policyholder’s benefit.
    1. 18 - 65 years old, renewable up to age 75.
    2. Children from 15 days - 18 years old who are unmarried and unemployed, or up to age 25 if studying full-time during the policy period.
    Maximum 182 consecutive days outside Singapore.
    1. Work involving Air Force, Fire Fighting, Naval, Military, Police Service or operations.
    2. Work involving entertainment industries (actors, actresses, singers, crew, stuntmen, dancers).
    3. Work involving flying other than as a passenger on a licensed  commercial aircraft (e.g. pilot, air stewardess, air crew).
    4. Work involving manual work in hazardous places (e.g. construction site, shipyard, dock, quarry, oil refinery, hangar).
    5. Work involving manual work on-board vessel (stationary or sailing), stevedores, ship breakers.
    6. Work involving use of heavy machinery (e.g. crane, forklifts).
    7. Work involving exposure to diving, oil rig platform and/or offshore work.
    8. Work involving timber or wood working, welding, height over 10m, underground, handling of hazardous or explosive substances.
    9. Professional Sportsman.
    10. Security Guards - Armed.



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