A successful investment plan involves saving discipline, expert advice and a boost at critical points. Pulsar gives you all that with a start-up bonus, wide selection of investment-linked policy sub-funds and loyalty bonus – all the ingredients for an investment plan to make your goals happen. And for your convenience, this programme requires no medical underwriting, so you can begin investing with ease right away.


  • Start-up Bonus
    Our Start-up Bonus helps you hit the ground running, enhancing your returns when markets are rising, and shielding your portfolio when markets are falling.
  • Loyalty Bonus
    Pulsar brings you closer to your investment goals the longer you stay invested in your plan.
    A loyalty bonus equivalent to 4% of total premiums contributed awaits on the fulfillment of the 10th policy anniversary.
  • Unique Fund Offerings
    Enjoy access to more than 75 investment-linked plan sub-funds, for a diverse and impactful portfolio.
  • Customise Your Investment
    Take charge of your investment by choosing a combination of options that suits you - your premium payment mode and term, and conducting adhoc top ups.
  • Guaranteed Issuance
    No medical examination is required and no health questions will be asked.


  • Premiums Payable Regularly
    Minimum monthly regular premium is S$250 or US$300
  • Bonus
    Start-up bonus is applicable to plans with premium payment term of 10 years or longer. Loyalty bonus is applicable to plans with premium payment term of 20 years or longer
  • Payment Mode
  • Entry Age
    You must be between 1 month to 70 years of age to subscribe to Pulsar
  • Premium Payment Term
    Choose any premium payment term between 5 to 30 years. No amendments can be made once the policy is issued.

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