Your short to medium term investment goals are now within reach. Polaris offers you the option to invest for as short as 5 years, from as low as SGD 8.33/day. What’s more, get access to competitive award winning funds and rest assured that you have the flexibility to respond to market changes for the best investment outcome.


  • Start-up Bonus
    Jumpstart your investment with a booster shot. For every SGD 1 invested, AXA tops up by up to SGD 0.75.
  • Premium Payment Term of 5-15 years
    Perfect for investors with short to medium term investment horizons of as short as 5 years
  • Flexibility to adjust to your changing needs
    You have the freedom to switch funds, add recurring single premiums or top-ups, perform partial withdrawals, reduce your premium amount or take premium holidays
  • Hassle-free Application Process
    With Guaranteed Issuance Offer, no medical check-up is required, allowing you to start your investment quickly
  • Wide range of Funds
    Polaris gives you access to a wide range of investment choices, some of which are only available to accredited investors, providing you with the opportunity to build a diverse and impactful portfolio.


  • Entry Age
    You must be between 18 to 70 years old to apply for Polaris. The life assured must be between 1 month to 70 years old to be covered under the plan
  • Premium Payment Options
    Regular Premiums are payable Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly or Monthly. The minimum monthly Regular Premium amount is SGD 250 or USD 300
  • Premium Payment Term
    No amendments can be made once the policy is issued. The Premium Payment Term is subject to the Life Assured’s age plus Premium Payment Term not exceeding 75
  • Recurring Single Premium
    The minimum amount of Recurring Single Premium is SGD 100 / USD 100, in multiples of SGD 100/ USD 100
  • Top-ups
    The minimum amount of top up premium is SGD 5,000 / USD 3,000, in multiples of SGD 100 / USD 100
  • Reduction of Regular Premium
    You may reduce the Regular Premium at any time from the 25th month onwards, subject to a maximum reduction of 50% of the Regular Premium committed at Commencement Date and the minimum amount of Regular Premium determined by AXA.
  • Partial Withdrawal
    Partial withdrawal is allowed from 25th month for Premium Payment Term of 5-9 years and from 37th month for Premium Payment Term of 10-15 years. You may do a partial withdrawal of minimum SGD 1,000 / USD 500 per withdrawal.
  • Premium Holiday
    Premium Holiday is allowed from 25th month for Premium Payment Term of 5-9 years and from 37th month for Premium Payment Term of 10-15 years
  • Involuntary Unemployment Benefit
    This benefit is subject to a limit of SGD 3,000 per month, and is applicable to policyholders who are between 18-50 years of age at the time of retrenchment or redundancy. The policy must have been in force for at least 3 months

All features above are subject to Terms and Conditions as set out in the policy contract.


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