Family Advantage

Stress can ruin the joy of raising a family. Enjoy parenthood with AXA Family Advantage. Right from coverage against pregnancy complications for expectant mother to congenital illnesses for the unborn child, it also helps parents to get coverage for themselves and help them build their savings or grow their investments.


  • For the expectant mother and unborn child
    This plan helps to ease the cost of medical treatments arising from pregnancy complications and hospitalisation of the new born baby. We cover 10 pregnancy complications and 18 congenital illnesses.
  • Get insured during your pregnancy
    This plan can be bought when expectant mothers are between the 16th and 36th week of pregnancy. If you’re carrying more than one foetus in the same pregnancy, benefits will be multiplied to cover each child individually.
  • Choice of coverage
    You have an option to select how long you want your child to be covered, 3 years or 6 years.
  • For you and your spouse
    Choice of AXA plans for your different financial goals ranging from investment, protection and savings plans. You may find the list of available plans in the leaflet (Download section) below.
  • Optional coverage for your newborn child
    We offer 3 protection or savings plans (AXA Life MultiProtect, INSPIRE Flexi Saver, INSPIRE Flexi Protector) for your newborn child. A hassle-free application process without any health questions asked.


  • Eligibility
    Sign up for Mum Care together with any one of the eligible AXA plans for you or your spouse.
  • Entry Age For The Mother
    You must be between 18 and 45 years old to be covered under Mum Care.

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