Early Stage CritiCare

Early Stage CritiCare is a comprehensive critical illness plan that covers you for early to terminal stages of critical illnesses and other special conditions. With payouts starting from diagnosis of early stage critical illnesses, you can get the most appropriate treatment right from the start, when it matters most.


  • 4-stage Critical Illness Payout
    Receive lump sum payouts at Early, Intermediate, Advanced and Terminal stages of Illness.
  • Premium Waiver
    Once you have made your first successful Critical Illness claim on your policy, all future premiums are waived for the remaining duration that your policy is in force.
  • Additional Payouts at Sever Stages of Illness
    Receive additional payouts at the various later stages of the illness, including up to 150% of the Sum Assured at the Terminal stage.
  • Special Conditions Benefit
    One claim for each other following conditions: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatment For Coronary Artery, Diabetic Complications, Osteoporosis, Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Additional Payout for Health Checkups
    To help you keep a close eye on the progress of your recovery, the plan features a Post-critical Illness Health Check-up benefit.
  • 10% Loyalty Discount
    Purchase this plan with another AXA Life Insurance Singapore plan and enjoy a 10% discount on your Early Stage CritiCare premiums every year for the entire duration of your Early Stage CritiCare plan.


  • Entry Age
    You must be 69 years old or less when you sign up for Early Stage CritiCare
  • Maximum Coverage Age
    You can be covered under Early Stage CritiCare up to 75 years old
  • Claim Limits
  • Early Stage: 100% of Sum Assured up to maximum of S$75,000 per claim
  • Intermediate Stages: 100% of Sum Assured up to maximum of S$150,000 per claim

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