AXA Super CritiCare

When diabetes and critical illness recurrence become more common*, let's face the unexpected with confidence by taking charge of your choices in life!

AXA Super CritiCare is a holistic solution with multiple payouts up to 600% Sum Assured and a Diabetes Care Programme that puts your well-being in your hands.

Key Features

Unlimited claims payout up to 600% Sum Assured (SA)

An affordable plan from as low as S$31 a day with multiple coverage for Early, Intermediate and Advanced Stage Critical Illness (CI)2

Coverage for Re-diagnosed Cancer, Recurrent Heart Attack and Stroke at any stages

100% SA payout each claim not only at Advanced Stage but also at Early and Intermediate Stage of relapsed or separate top common CI3

Diabetes Care Programme (worth S$2,500 per annum)

Control your diabetes condition through a complimentary care programme with professional support till end of the policy term4

Extra protection for 11 Special and 10 Juvenile conditions

Receive additional payout of 10% SA up to S$25,000 for each Special or Juvenile condition5

Death Benefit

Receive S$10,0006 if the Life Assured passes on

Eliminate disruptions to your CI coverage

Optional riders7 to waive future premiums upon diagnosis of Early to Advanced Stage CI, or involuntary loss of income

Eligibility and Options


As a standalone Basic Plan or with the addition of an optional Rider to selected AXA plans8

Entry Age

Life Assured: 1 month to 70 years old9

Policyholder: 18 to 99 years old9

Flexible Sum Assured

Minimum: S$50,000

Maximum: S$1,000,000

Policy Terms

To Age term: to age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75

Renewable10 term: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years

Maximum Coverage Age

Up to 99 years old9


1. Premium is based on the profile of a 30-year-old-female, non-smoker, for a Sum Assured of S$100,000, policy term to age 75 and annual payment. Figures are rounded up to the nearest number

2. Payout is subject to applicable limits. Upon diagnosis of a new CI condition, there is a twelve (12) months waiting period from the date of the diagnosis of the latest successful CI claim. Upon diagnosis of a Re-diagnosed Cancer, Recurrent Heart Attack or Stroke, there is a twenty-four (24) months waiting period from the date of the diagnosis of the latest successful Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke claim regardless of stages

3. Payout is subject to applicable limits. The total amount payable for all Cancers, Heart Attack and Stroke is capped at 300% of Sum Assured of the Basic Plan/Rider

4. The Diabetes Care Programme is a twelve (12) months care programme, which will renew automatically, as long as the Life Assured has Diabetes as confirmed by our Company’s appointed doctors in the form of annual blood test(s) report. This is an additional benefit that does not reduce the Sum Assured of any Benefits in the Basic Plan/Rider. The Diabetes Care Programme excludes the medication prescription and refills if any

5. We will pay an additional amount equivalent to 10% of the original Sum Assured of the Basic Plan/Rider, subject to a maximum of S$25,000 per Life Assured for each Special Condition or Juvenile Condition. The list of medical conditions covered can be found in the product summary

6. Death Benefit is not applicable to Super CritiCare rider

7. Premium Waiver (ECIUN) provides coverage for the Life Assured to the end of the rider policy term and Involuntary Loss of Income benefit provides coverage up to age 50. Payer PremiumEraser (DTPDECIUN) provides coverage for the Policyholder up to age 65 and Involuntary Loss of Income benefits provides coverage up to age 50

8. You may wish to seek advice from an AXA Financial Consultant for the list of eligible plans offered

9. The maximum entry age for optional rider attachable to selected AXA plans may differ.  Please speak to an AXA Financial Consultant for more details. Minimum entry age is based on attained age. Maximum entry/coverage age is based on age nearest birthday

10. The Basic Plan/Rider automatically renewed at the end of the policy term subject to renewal age limit of 75 years old and maximum expiry age of 99 years old nearest to the Policy Anniversary. Premiums will be adjusted according to the Life Assured’s age at policy renewal. If AXA Super CritiCare is attached as a rider, the policy term of the renewed policy must have the same policy term as the existing basic policy, subject to the maximum renewal age as specified in the policy contract.


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