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AXA Shield

AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield medical re-imbursement plan designed to complement the Singapore MediShield Life plan. It is a plan payable by Medisave.

It offers you a wide range of benefits to cover all your everyday healthcare needs, from pre-hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation. AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan that offers 365 days of post-hospitalisation coverage in Singapore. It allows you to pick and choose amongst 3 suitable optional benefits to make your health coverage more complete.


  • Post hospitalisation coverage of 365 days
    For major illnesses such as cancer, recovery may take a longer time. Hence, it’s important to be protected by one of the longest post-hospitalisation coverage of 365 days.
  • High annual coverage limits
    Our Plan A and Plan B offer high annual limits at $1 million and $550,000 respectively for Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore.
  • Unbundled Riders
    Instead of offering a pre-set rider, we’ve unbundled our riders so you can choose one, two or all three riders. Depending on your needs and affordability.
  • Specific Home Care Benefits
    Unique to AXA, our AXA Home Care rider offers services like General Practitioner (GP) home visits, home nurse visits, and physiotherapy, in the comfort of your home.
  • Exclusive Letter of Guarantee (LOG) Services
    Letter of Guarantee (LOG) of up to S$100,000 at private hospitals if referred through our panel of Medical Specialists, and up to S$15,000 at public hospitals.
  • Inpatient Hospitalisation
    Covers your eligible expenses during your stay in the hospital, be it a normal ward, a high dependency unit or an intensive care unit. Also covers costs for surgeries and organ transplants. So you do not need to worry about your hospital bills should you ever need to be hospitalised.
  • Outpatient Treatments
    Covers your eligible expenses for costly outpatient treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer treatments, as well as kidney dialysis treatments and immunosuppressant for organ transplants.
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Treatments
    Covers your eligible expenses for doctor’s consultations, including medication, examinations, and laboratory tests incurred within 180 days before hospitalisation.
  • Post-Hospitalisation Treatments
    Covers your eligible expenses for your follow-up treatments after hospitalisation, for up to 365 days after discharge from the hospital.
  • Emergency Overseas Inpatient Treatment
    Covers your eligible expenses should you be hospitalised in an emergency situation whilst overseas.


  • Entry Age to be insured
    AXA Shield Plan A or Plan B: 75 years old or below.
    AXA Shield Standard Plan: No age restriction.
  • Maximum Coverage Age
    None. AXA Shield offers lifetime coverage.
  • Citizenship/Residency:
    Only available for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Pre-existing Condition:
    Pre-existing conditions will be carefully considered and may not be covered.


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