AXA Retire Treasure (II)

AXA Retire Treasure (II) is a flexible savings plan with options that let you decide the amount of guaranteed annual income you want, choose your premium payment term and decide how long you want to receive your income from the available options to supplement your future goals such as your lifestyle needs, your children’s education funds, retirement plans and leaving a legacy.

After the premium payment term and the accumulation period (if any), you can receive an income stream of your chosen annual income amount throughout the selected payout period. You can also choose to re-deposit the annual income for a non-guaranteed interest. At the end of the policy term, a non-guaranteed maturity will also be paid out.

You can appoint your loved ones to be a secondary life assured* to your plan. In the unfortunate event of death or diagnosis of terminal illness, your loved ones continue to be protected and the annual income payouts will continue* till the end of the policy term.


  • Guaranteed Annual Income
    Fund your future goals and plan for a legacy with a steady stream of guaranteed annual income payouts. You can also re-deposit the payouts to receive a non-guaranteed interest.
  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones
    Choice to appoint your loved ones as a secondary life assured*. Upon death or diagnosis of terminal illness of the life assured, the payouts continue* for your loved ones.
  • Competitive Total Yield
    You can get a total yield at maturity of up to 4.24% p.a.*
  • 100% Capital Guaranteed
    You can receive 100% of your premiums after premium payment term and accumulation period (if any).
  • Death or Terminal Illness payout
    Receive a payout of 101% of total premium paid and accumulated bonuses (if any) in the event of death or diagnosis of terminal illness.
  • Customisable for your needs
    Choose your premium payment term: Single Premium or limited premiums for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Choose your income payout period: 10,15, 20, 25 years; or a lifetime (to age 120)
  • Hassle-free Application
    No medical questions or examination is required. All applications for the basic plan will be accepted.
  • Extra layers of protection for your plan
    Enhance your plan with a waiver of premium rider due to unforeseen events such as disability, critical illness or involuntary loss of income.

Waiver of Premium Riders | Ensure no disruption to your savings plan with optional riders that waives future premium payments in the event of unfortunate events.


  • Eligibility
    Life Assured aged 18 to 70 years old. Premium payment options are available based on your entry age.
    Premium payment options:
    • Single Premium: Age 18 - 70
    • 5 pay: Age 18 - 65
    • 10 pay: Age 18 - 60
    • 15 pay: Age 18 - 55
    • 20 pay: Age 18 - 50
    • 25 pay: Age 18 - 45
    • 30 pay: Age 18 - 40
  • Annual Income
    Single Premium
    Minimum annual income of S$1,500 for cash payment and via Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account.
    Single Premium
    Minimum annual income of S$6,000 per year for cash payment.
  • Secondary Life Assured
    (Only applicable to cash payment plans)
    Secondary Life Assured must have insurable interest with the policyholder
    Eligible age : 1 month and above


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