AXA Flexi Protector

AXA Flexi Protector gives your family lifetime protection, while providing the flexibility to customise your investment plan to grow wealth for the family and support all your dreams. A regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that focuses on your protection with the potential for wealth accumulation.

Key Features


  • Affordable Protection Plan for Young Families
    From as low as S$100 a month for the coverage against death, total and permanent disability, and terminal illness.
  • Personalise Your Protection to Fit Your Needs and Budget
    Option to add on a wide range of supplementary benefits to enhance your protection for greater peace of mind.
  • Customised Investment Strategy
    Access to funds from a wide selection of Asset Managers with a global presence.
  • Redeem Your Investment at Any Time
    Option to redeem any potential investment returns in partial withdrawals1.
  • Offer to Increase Cover at Key Milestones
    Increase your coverage without the need for medical assessment at key life stages2 such as marriage or parenthood.
  • Transfer Your Insurance Coverage to Your Loved One at Any Time
    Exercise the Life Replacement Option (LRO) at any time3 to change the Life Assured to your spouse or child.

Eligibility and Options


  • Entry Age
    1 month old to 70 years old4
    Policyholder: 18 to 70 years old4
  • Minimum Holding Amount
  • Payment Mode
    Cash only
  • Policy Currency
    Choose to invest in SGD or USD according to your preference

Terms and Conditions


    1 Partial Withdrawal is only available for amounts of at least $250 in value provided always that the remaining Account Value is more than $2,500 (“Minimum Holding Amount”). If the Partial Withdrawal results in the remaining Account Value being lower than Minimum Holding Amount, no Partial Withdrawal is allowed and We will notify You. Partial Withdrawal is only allowed in multiples of $10.

    2 The option to increase the Basic Sum Assured is available after the Policy has been in force for at least one year from the Policy Commencement Date when the Policy is first issued and must be exercised within 90 days from the occurrence date of the significant milestone event and is subjected to terms and conditions.

    3 Life Replacement Option allows the policyholder to replace the life assured with his/her spouse or child below 18 years old.

    4 Minimum entry age: Based on attained age. Maximum entry age: Based on age nearest birthday.

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