AXA CritiCare for Her

As you juggle life’s many responsibilities, family, health, career and finances, there is often little time to prepare for unexpected situations.

According to the AXA Better Beyond Survey, 87% of Singaporeans believe they are likely to contract a critical illness before turning 65, but only 52% have critical illness insurance.

AXA CritiCare for Her provides extensive coverage against selected gender-specific critical illnesses at affordable prices, with benefits to support you from diagnosis to recovery.


With every AXA CritiCare for Her policy sold, AXA will donate S$10 to Singapore Cancer Society.


  • 4 Core Benefits
    We will be with you from the start to your recovery. Be covered for Female Illness Benefit, Surgery benefit and Reconstructive Surgery or Skin Grafting Benefit, and Support Benefit.
  • Multiple Claims
    Life is precious, you need more than 1 safety net. Claim multiple times up to 100% Sum Assured from each of the 4 Core Benefits. That’s up to a total of 300% Sum Assured plus a fixed coverage of $25,000 under Support Benefit.
  • Reset your Female Illness coverage
    If your total cumulative claim(s) is less than 100% of sum assured, we will activate a 1 time reset on your Female Illness benefit after a waiting period of 12 months.
  • Affordable Premiums
    From as low as $0.75/day for AXA CritiCare for Her, you can cover yourself for $25,000 sum assured.
    We streamline and tailor our coverage to your gender to enjoy more value for less premiums.
  • Biennial Health Check-Up
    Early diagnosis is the key to recovery. Be entitled to a Biennial Health Check-up benefit once every 2 policy years for as long as the policy is inforce.
  • Waiver of Premium
    To help you cope better in times of need, we will waive 36 months of future premium when you make a claim under Female illness benefit. This benefit can be claimable twice, up to 72 months.
  • Free Child Cover
    We will extend a free coverage of $5,000 should your child be diagnosed with Critical Illness.
  • Guaranteed Renewable
    For all choices of policy term from 10 and 20 years and To age 65, it is guaranteed renewable until the maximum coverage age 65, subject to minimum renewal term of 5 years.
  • Hassle-free Application
    We simplified our underwriting process to make it easier for you. You only need to answer 6 questions to apply.


  • Eligibility :
    Life Assured aged: 18 to 60 years old (age nearest birthday)
    Policy Holder aged: 18 to 99 years old (age nearest birthday)
  • Flexible Sum Assured :
    Min: $25,000
    Max: $150,000
  • Policy Terms :
    Choose from
    • 10 Year Term
    • 20 Year Term
    • To Age 65
  • Maximum Coverage Age :
    You can be covered up to 65 years old (age nearest birthday)


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