AXA Band Aid

Just like how you keep first aid kits handy, AXA Band Aid is a basic necessity for you and your family. This comprehensive personal accident insurance plan starts from SGD $1/week or slightly over SGD $50/year. Pay only for what you choose with this flexible coverage plan.


  • Protect Yourself and Loved Ones
    In the event of death caused by an accident, this policy pays a lump sum of 100% of the Sum Assured. If the accident causes a permanent disability, the policy will pay up to 150% of the Sum Assured, so you can be assured that you and your loved ones will be well taken care of.
  • Double the Protection
    In addition, should the accident happen on public transportation on which you are a fare-paying passenger, the policy doubles the benefit for death, and pays up to 300% of the Sum Assured for a permanent disability under the Double Indemnity Benefit.
  • Triple the Protection
    International travel comes with its risks. So enjoy triple protection amount on Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement when you travel on commercial airplanes.
  • Free Child Cover
    Free protection for up to 3 children at 10% of your sum assured. That’s up to 30% of free sum assured.
  • Comprehensive Supplementary Benefits
    Customise your plan with our supplementary benefits to meet your needs: Accidental Medical Reimbursement, Daily Accident Hospitalisation Income, Broken Bones Benefit, Medical Expenses, Home Modification Reimbursement and Weekly Indemnity.
  • Extra Coverage For Your Policy
    Enjoy extra coverage for Accidental death or Injury due to food poisoning, insect or animal bites, stings or attacks, terrorism, etc. under your basic plan and supplementary benefits (if you select any) with no additional premium.


  • Entry Age - 15 days old to 70 years old
  • Maximum Coverage Age - up to 70 years old

All features above are subject to Terms and Conditions as set out in the policy contract.

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