Speedpost Service Updates

Last update: 2 June 2020 14:39:35


Delays in international shipments to and from Singapore

COVID-19 has severely impacted international movement of people and goods as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, airlines have drastically reduced international services, leading to a significant reduction in air freight capacity and frequency to and from Singapore to all international destinations.

Some countries may have announced service adjustments or disruptions. Click here for details.

Please note that shipments to and from overseas will result in substantial delay, even as we work round the clock with our partner airlines and posts.


Speedpost service disruptions

Please note that all international Speedpost Priority and Speedpost Standard services will be suspended until further notice.

Speedpost Economy services to the following countries/territories will be unavailable until further notice:


[AD] Andorra [AG] Antigua and Barbuda [AI] Anguilla [AN] Netherland Antilles/Bonaire/
Curacao/St.Eustatius/St Maarten
[AS] American Samoa [AX] Aland Islands [AZ] Azerbaijan [BA] Bosnia Herzegovina
[BB] Barbados [BD] Bangladesh [BJ] Benin [BL] Yemen
[BM] Bermuda [BN] Brunei Darussalam [BO] Bolivia [BQ] Dutch Caribbean and
Caribbean Netherlands
[BS] Bahamas [BT] Bhutan [BV] Bouvet Island [BZ] Belize
[CF] Central African Rep [CK] Cook Island - New Zealand [CM] Cameroon [CV] Cape Verde
[CY] Cyprus [DJ] Djibouti [DM] Dominica [DO] Dominican Republic
[EC] Ecuador [FJ] Fiji [FK] Falkland Island [FM] Micronesia
[FO] Faroe Islands [GD] Grenada [GF] French Guiana [GG] Guernsey Island and Alderney
[GI] Gibraltar [GL] Greenland [GM] Gambia [GN] Guinea Rep
[GP] Guadeloupe (including
St Barthelemy)
[GU] Guam [GW] Guinea Bissau [GY] Guyana
[HN] Honduras [HR] Croatia [HT] Haiti [IC] Canary Island (SPX only)
[IM] Isle of Man [JE] Jersey [JM] Jamaica [KI] Kiribati
[KM] Comoros [KN] Saint Kitts and Nevis [KV] Kosovo (KV) [KW] Kuwait
[KY] Cayman Island [LC] Saint Lucia [LI] Leichtenstein [LK] Sri Lanka
[LS] Lesotho [LY] Libya [MC] Monaco [MD] Moldova
[ME] Montenegro [MF] St Martin [MH] Marshall Island [ML] Mali
[MN] Mongolia [MP] Mariana Island [MQ] Martinique [MR] Mauritania
[MS] Montserrat [MW] Malawi [NC] New Caledonia [NF] Norfolk Island
[NI] Nicaragua [NP] Nepal [NR] Nauru [NU] Niue
[PA] Panama [PE] Peru [PF] French Polynesia [PG] Papua New Guinea
[PH] Philippines [PM] Saint Pierre and Miquelon [PS] Palestine [PW] Pacific Islands (Palau)
[PY] Paraguay [RW] Rwanda [SB] Solomon Island [SJ] Svalbard and Jan Mayen
[SL] Sierra Leone [SM] San Marino [SR] Suriname [ST] Sao Tome & Principe
[SZ] Swaziland [TC] Turks & Caicos Island [TD] Chad [TF] French Southern Territories
[TJ] Tajikistan [TK] Tokelau [TL] Timor-Leste [TM] Turkmenistan
[TO] Tonga [UM] US outlying Islands [UY] Uruguay [VA] The Vatican City State
[VC] Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines
[VE] Venezuela [VG] British Virgin Islands [VI] U.S.Virgin Islands
[VU] Vanuatu [WF] Island Of Wallis (Wallis
& Futuna Islands)
[WS] Samoa [XC] Curacao (Netherlands)
[XM] Sint Maarten (Netherlands) [XZ] Kosovo [YT] Mayotte [ZR] Zaire (Congo Republic)
[BW] Botswana Corsica [IQ] Iraq [MV] Maldives
[ZA] South Africa [TN] Tunisia [CU] Cuba [CW] Curacao
[RS] Serbia [ZW] Zimbabwe


Speedpost Express services to the following countries/regions will be unavailable until further notice: