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POPStation for Businesses

How can I offer POPStation delivery for my customers?

Start a corporate account with SingPost. Fill up your particulars here and our friendly Sales Representatives will get back to you. Your customers can also return their items to the POPStation if you offer the ezyReturn service from SingPost.

We will offer you an API that you can integrate into our system, and your customers can start to choose POPStation as a preferred delivery address.This API is used in conjunction with our shipment management tool which allows you to print labels, prepare your shipments and book our couriers to pick up your parcels for delivery. Critical information like your customers’ emails and handphone numbers will be transmitted to Singpost via the shipment management tool so that we can notify your customers to collect their parcels after we have dropped them off at the POPStations.

How do my customers collect their parcels from the POPStations?

After your customers have chosen to deliver their parcels to a POPStation from your website, SingPost will deliver the parcels to the POPStations. They will receive a sms and email notification once the parcel is delivered to the POPStation and they can pop down to collect it 24/7. Alternatively, the customers can also choose to collect the parcels using the POPStation mobile app.

How big are your lockers?

Each POPStation has 3 locker sizes.
Small: 42cm (w) x 10cm (h) x 61cm (d)
Medium: 42cm (w) x 23.5cm (h) x 61cm (d)
Large: 42cm (w) x 37cm (h) x 61cm (d)

How secure is POPStation?

The POPStation is secured. The POPStations are generally located in accessible places with high foot traffic and at brightly lit areas. There are also 2 CCTVs deployed at all POPStations for surveillance.

For more information about POPStation for businesses, visit POPStation’s website.


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