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ezy2ship for Businesses

How do I register for ezy2ship Corporate Account?

You may register to become our Corporate customer by clicking on “Register a Corporate Account” at the bottom right panel of the ezy2ship login page

What are the services available in ezy2ship?

Services available via ezy2ship are: Registered Mail, Speedpost Singapore, Speedpost International and SMS Mail. The service options available are determined by the origin, destination, weight, dimension and/or category of your parcel. Services availability in ezy2ship is dependent on the contract you have signed with us. If you are unable to choose the service that you want in ezy2ship, please check with your SingPost Business Manager.

How do I track my shipment from ezy2ship?

You can track all your shipments under History/Tracking - Shipment history screen once you are logged on in ezy2ship.

Alternatively, you may track your items via our Track Items tool on or our SingPost Mobile App.

Can I obtain proof of delivery from ezy2ship?

Yes, you can view proof of delivery from the Shipment History page.

However, if you wish to obtain a physical copy of the proof of delivery for Speedpost items and Registered Article, please call our SingPost customer service hotline at 1605. This request is subject to additional charges.

How do I upload high volume shipments?

1. Please select "Bulk Upload" from the dropdown menu under "New Shipments"

2. Choose a bulk upload template and upload your file

3. Pop-up window will appear when the uploaded file is successfully validated.

4. Fill in Sender details and the file upload will start automatically

How do I assign my shipments to a collection option?

Please select "Shipment Cart" from the dropdown menu under "Shipment History" to assign your shipments to a collection or drop-off request. Your shipments will not be processed if shipment is not assigned.

Can I choose to drop-off my Speedpost parcels and Mail items at the nearest Post Office?


For Speedpost parcels, you can assign to drop off your SpeedPost parcel at a Post Office Counter under "Shipment Cart".

If you have assigned your Speedpost parcels to a collection request and would like to change it to drop-off at Post Office Counter, please call our Speedpost hotline: +65 62225777 to cancel the collection request before proceeding to the Post Office.

Ordinary Mail (no tracking)

For Ordinary Mail items, you can drop off at any posting box in Singapore.

Registered Mail (with tracking)

For Registered Mail items, you will have to hand the item personally to Post Office counter staff to ensure your item is trackable.

Mail for corporate customers

Corporate PPI Customers have these additional options for posting:

  • Drop off at SingPost Bulk Mail Centre
  • SingPost CMM collection request

What should I do if no one picks up my package after I have assigned my shipments to a collection request?

A collection request is considered successful when there is a Job number generated for your package. Please ensure that you see a “Collection scheduled” under the Collection type column in your Shipment history. Please call our Speedpost hotline: +65 62225777 and quote the Job no. (eg. EZYxxxxxxxxxx) if your package is not picked up within the requested collection time.

Why do I get an error message on my address input?

Please refrain from keying your address into one single address line. It is recommended to always key in your address (Send from and Send to) in the following format:

Name Line 1 – Company Name or Recipient Name (e.g. Attn to:)
(35 characters limit)

Name Line 2 – Recipient name (if Company Name is in Name Line 1)
(35 characters limit)

Address line 1 – Block number (35 characters limit)

Address line 2 – Street name and unit number (35 characters limit)

Address line 3 – Building name (35 characters limit)

For local addresses, you can use the “Check Postcode/Town” link to auto-populate your address. Remember to include unit number when using this function.

Can I change the delivery address or other details of my shipment on ezy2ship after printing the labels?

For all ezy2ship shipments, changes cannot be made once you have printed the label.

You can still edit your shipment details if you have not printed the label (Label Status: Ready to print) by heading to Shipment cart and clicking the View / Edit button of your shipment.

You will have to create another shipment if you have printed the label.

If you need to cancel your shipment, please call our Speedpost hotline at +65 62225777 for assistance.

Please note that there would be a 50% charge once booking has been assigned for Speedpost Islandwide services. These charges would be applicable even if the arrangement is cancelled.

I am located at Point A. How do I create a shipment for collection at point B?

Just ensure the “Send from” address you entered is the address you want our Parcel Ambassador to pick up the parcel, if you select the SingPost collection request option.

I don't have a weighing scale. How can I estimate the weight of the item?

Should there be a difference between the estimated weight and the actual weight after lodgement, we will bill you for the actual weight.

I have entered the weight and dimension of my parcel / letter, but I am not able to see any service when I click on “Choose SingPost services”. Why?

You have probably entered parameters (weight and dimensions) that exceed the acceptable weight and size.

What happens if I do not know the postcode of the 'send to' address?

Postcodes are mandatory when shipping to major international destinations such as China, South Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Australia, UK and USA. For international addresses without a postcode, deliveries may be subjected to failure or delays. For Singapore addresses, a postcode is always required.

What should I do with the printed copies of shipping labels and documents?

For Speedpost International shipments
Affix the shipping label securely onto the parcel. Ensure addresses and barcodes are in clear view. All supporting documents (e.g. 1 copy of the CN23/CP71) are to be placed inside the clear plastic pocket provided for international shipments. Please remember to sign-off the Customs Declaration (CN23) and commercial invoice. 1 copy of tax invoice will be generated once your shipment is confirmed. The tax invoice is for your reference only.

For Speedpost Singapore shipments
Affix the shipping label securely onto the parcel. Ensure addresses and barcodes are in clear view. 1 copy of tax invoice will be generated once your shipment is confirmed. The tax invoice is for your reference only.

Mail shipments
Affix the mail shipping label securely onto the letter / document / small packet. Ensure addresses and barcodes are in clear view. For mail items, there would only be 1 mail label generated for Domestic and International mail items. 1 copy of tax invoice will be generated once your shipment is confirmed. The tax invoice is for your reference and only.

What should I do if the shipping label printed on white A4 size paper is too big for my package/item?

You may cut or fold the shipping label to size before affixing onto your package/item with adhesive tape (preferably). The ezy2ship label is A6 in size. The delivery address must be visible to facilitate delivery. For Speedpost shipments, all the supporting documents (eg. commercial invoice) must be placed inside the clear plastic pocket.

What should I do with the shipping labels and documents if I want to book a Speedpost 3rd party collection shipment?

If the shipment is supposed to be collected from someone else, find your shipment in the Shipment History or Shipment Cart. Click the "Email Label" button, and key in this person's email address. The labels and documents will be sent to him/her instead. Please ensure he/she has a printer to print the labels and documents.

Please note that you do not have to separately send labels to the third party for Speedpost Express Import and Customised Import services, as labels and documents will be automatically sent to them once the shipment is confirmed.

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