Poly M

Postage paid envelope that delivers directly to your letterbox – economical and easy to use!

Been using plastic mailers to send online orders to customers, and affixing stamps the old way? Introducing an all-new prepaid option for senders that are looking for a fuss-free mailing experience, without hurting those wallets. No more worries on figuring out stamp values.

Modernize the way you mail with funky, vibrant packaging of Poly M!

How Poly M Works


Call 6845 8000 (for >100 pieces) or purchase Poly M from any post office.


Fill in the details of sender & recipient on the Poly M, pack items and drop it into any posting box.


Poly M gets delivered to recipient’s letterbox

Sizing Dimensions Conditions Standard
Unit Price
Bulk Purchase
Unit Price
Poly M – Small
Poly M – Small
Up to 600g
230mm x 165mm x 70mm
230mm x 165mm x 65mm Up to 600g S$2.00 S$1.80 3 to 5 working days
Poly M – Big
Poly M – Big
Up to 1.2kg
330mm x 240mm x 70mm
330mm x 240mm x 65mm Up to 1.2kg S$2.90 S$2.70


- Delivery Time: 3 to 5 working days

- Prices stated are inclusive of GST.

- Bulk purchase price is available with a minimum purchase of 10pcs per transaction.

Order a minimum of 100 pieces and be entitled to a complimentary delivery to a local address within 3 working days. Start a Corporate Account with us today!

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