Digital Mail Solutions

Extend the possibilities of mail with SAM – a secure mail and billing ecosystem that facilitates all your business mail and communications. Create greater convenience for your customers, and at the same time reduce your operation costs.

Mail Solutions

  • SAM allows you to receive payments through any of our multi-channels via kiosks, web, or mobile application. With more than 300 kiosks deployed throughout Singapore, and 24/7 availability of the web and mobile, you are now able to receive payments from your customers anytime, even when they're out of town.

  • You can now send bills, invoices, renewal notifications, statements, receipts, or general correspondences digitally via SAM's secure platform to your customers directly. This is our way to make sure your mail reach its intended verified recipients, and also to prevent customers from being inundated with junk mail from unverified businesses.

Get onboard SAM for your business.