16 Jul 2019

Trial of MyPostman campaign begins in Yishun and Bukit Timah

  • Islandwide campaign encourages residents to get to know their postman through new website, MyPostman.sg
  • New feedback channel publicised through new stickers placed at all HDB letterbox nests
  • Close to 2 million fridge magnets to be delivered to all households by year-end

Singapore, 16 July 2019 – SingPost today unveiled a brand-new website under the MyPostman campaign to foster deeper ties between residents and their postman. The website, mypostman.sg, is aimed at building a better understanding of Singapore’s postal workforce and to elevate SingPost’s level of service standard.

The concept behind the campaign lends its roots from Singapore’s kampong days, where residents were deeply acquainted with their postmen, whom they interact on a daily basis when the postmen deliver mail.

Under the trial that will run until September 2019, residents staying in select areas within Yishun and Bukit Timah (with postal codes commencing 58, 59, 65 and 76) will be able to key in their postal code on the website to find out who their postman is. In addition, residents can also give a rating, as well as provide feedback, words of encouragement or rate the service they have received.

As part of the campaign, SingPost will also be distributing close to 2 million sets of fridge magnets to every residential household and business unit in Singapore from today until the end of the year. The set of colourful fridge magnets will contain information on the new website, as well as a QR code that users can scan using their mobile devices to access the website.

Speedier responses to feedback

In addition to the postman-finder function, mypostman.sg will also feature a general feedback page for customers to inform SingPost of service and letterbox-related issues and incidents.

New stickers at HDB letterbox nests

As part of the campaign, SingPost has also put up new stickers across all HDB letterbox nests earlier this month in the two trial estates. The new stickers, decked out in cute imagery and bold colours, direct users to a dedicated feedback page. Service-related feedback received through the page will be attended to more quickly.

Mr Abu Talib Bin Abdul Hamid, a SingPost postman who has been serving for the last 27 years, is excited about the initiative.

“In the early years, I recalled meeting many residents in the area I serve and I could remember many of them. Many of them are very kind, and I’m willing to go out of my way to help them where necessary. However, as the years go by, the lifestyle of Singaporeans have changed, and now people are hardly at home so I don’t get to meet residents as often. This initiative will allow me to receive feedback from the households that I serve so I can do my work better,” Mr Abdul Hamid said.

SingPost CEO for Postal Services and Singapore Vincent Phang is confident that MyPostman is a right step in building stronger bonds between the community and their postmen. “The campaign puts a face to our postman, who provides this essential service daily, whether rain or shine.

“While primarily aimed to increase SingPost’s service standards, what we hope this campaign does is also to foster a spirit of community and to encourage residents to get to know their postman who provide a public service,” Mr Phang added.

MyPostman will be on trial for two months, and is slated for a nationwide launch in October 2019.

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