11 Jan 2015

SingPost Celebrates Singapore’s 50th Birthday With A Special SG50 Slogan Every Month!

Singapore, 11 January 2015 - Singapore turns 50 this year! For a small nation with scarce resources, Singapore has successfully transformed itself into an urban metropolis, financial and maritime hub. Singapore’s postal services have also significantly transformed. From a government body to a public listed company in 2003, Singapore Post (SingPost) has been consciously evolving itself to cater to ever-changing customer needs and lifestyles. Its vision is to be a regional leader in ecommerce logistics and trusted communications.

To commemorate SG50 and major historical milestones, SingPost will roll out a series of 12 special slogans depicting Singaporeans’ unique and fun traits, values and characteristics.

Stamped letter mail for each month will be imprinted with these special slogans which include the SG50 logo from the 15th day to the end of the month. The illustrations for these special slogans series, which are designed by stamp designer Mr Wong Wui Kong, are based on a design concept of “heart”, “smile” and “SG50 logo”. Wui Kong said: “The heart expresses our love for Singapore. The SG50 logo indicates that it is our nation’s 50th birthday while the smile shows that it is a joyous celebration”. These special slogans will appeal to collectors and Singaporeans alike.

Said Mr Woo Keng Leong, Senior Executive Vice President/Head of Postal Services: “Singaporeans are a very passionate people. We love our country and treasure our multiracial and multi-cultural heritage which can be seen in daily interactions and festive celebrations. These special slogans are a great way of highlighting the essence of being Singaporean. As we come together this year to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday, it is a good reminder that we all have a part to play in making and shaping Singapore our home.”

January - “We Love Our Home”

The January slogan consists of the map of Singapore with the message, “We Love Our Home”. Singapore has come a long way in 50 years since independence because of the efforts and unity of our people in particular the pioneer generation who has toiled relentlessly to build Singapore into a place we are all proud to call “home”.

February - “We Love Festivals”

In February this year, Chinese New Year and Thaipusam are among the many festivals that we celebrate throughout the year. For this month, stamped letter mail will be imprinted with the message “We Love Festivals”, reflecting the cultural and religious diversity of Singapore.

March - “We Love the Outdoors”

Sunny Singapore is a great place for the outdoors! The March image will be of our lovely parks with the message, “We Love the Outdoors”. Singapore may be a small island but you will be surprised at the intricate network of green corridors and biking routes it has that allow us space to relax and enjoy activities like jogging, walking and cycling.

April - “We Love Eating”

Singapore is a food paradise, and food is an important part of the Singapore fabric. Come April, stamped letter mail will carry the message of “We Love Eating” reflecting the multiracial and multi-cultural facets of Singapore. From chicken rice, seafood and chilli crab to teh tarik, nasi lemak and roti prata, there’s a mind-boggling variety of food options to suit everyone’s palette.

May - “We Love Shopping” Shopping is another favourite pastime of Singaporeans. In May, Singaporeans welcome The Great Singapore Sale which provides steep discounts and offers aplenty. Not surprisingly, the May icon is that of shopping bags with the message, “We Love Shopping”.

June - “We Love Sports”

Singaporeans enjoy sports and participate in a wide variety of sports for recreation and for competition. The June message will be “We Love Sports” to commemorate Singapore’s hosting of the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games which will take place from 5 to 16 June. Singapore last hosted the SEA Games in 1993. Another regional sports event taking place in 2015 is the ASEAN Para Games in December.

July - “We Love Our Neighbours”

Racial Harmony Day is celebrated annually in Singapore to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots, which took place on 21 July 1964. It also represents a day for students to better understand the cultures, beliefs and practices of others, and form strong friendships across the communities. As Singapore moves towards a more diverse landscape, it is important that we continue to embrace diversity. Thus the stamped letter mail for July will carry the message of “We Love Our Neighbours” to celebrate unity in diversity.

August - “We Love Our Country”

Singapore turns 50 on 9 August! Stamped letter mail will be imprinted with the message, “We Love Our Country” and a birthday cake icon will depict our love for Singapore as we celebrate our country’s journey of independence and achievements. The momentous Golden Jubilee event - the National Day Parade will take place at the Padang, the site of many historically significant moments over the past 50 years, including the declaration of Singapore’s independence. It is also an occasion where Singaporeans bond and foster a deep sense of national pride.

September - “We Love the Arts”

The September message will be “We Love the Arts” showcasing the vibrancy of the arts and cultural landscape in Singapore. In fact, Singapore’s melting pot of different races and culture is home to a myriad of arts and cultural performances, festivals and events.

October - “We Love Children”

We love children and the joy they bring. The October icon will feature a baby with the message “We Love Children” as Children’s Day falls on this month. Schools in Singapore first celebrated Children's Day on 23 October 1961. To encourage citizens to get married and have babies, the government has rolled out a raft of incentives such as the Baby Bonus Scheme, Medisave Maternity Package and paternity leave. As part of the celebrations to mark Singapore’s 50th birthday, babies born this year will receive the Jubilee gift set of eight presents.

November - “We Love Holidaying”

November signals the start of the holiday season. Examinations will be over and schools break for the year-end holidays. Singaporeans especially those with school-going children will start travelling from this period onwards. Hence, for this month stamped letter mail will be imprinted with the message, “We Love Holidaying”. Singaporeans are among the most well-travelled in Southeast Asia.

December - “We Love Giving” Singaporeans are a caring lot. Throughout the year, we contribute to charities and help those in need. Apart from giving and receiving Christmas gifts, December is also the peak season to show our care and concern for the less advantaged as part of the festive year-end. Hence it is most apt for the message, “We Love Giving” to round off 2015 on December’s stamped letter mail.

Consumers who wish to collect these special postmarks are advised to ensure that their mail items are of good mail quality i.e. standard sized and light-coloured envelopes.


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As Singapore’s national postal service provider, SingPost offers trusted communications through domestic and international postal services as well as end-to-end integrated mail solutions covering secure data printing, letter-shopping, delivery and mailroom management, among others. For over 150 years, SingPost has been delivering a trusted and reliable service to citizens, residents, corporations and businesses in Singapore.

As part of its transformation, SingPost has been steadily expanding beyond Singapore, leveraging its regional platform Quantium Solutions and other subsidiaries and partners. With its regional network and infrastructure, SingPost offers fully integrated ecommerce logistics solutions covering the four areas of freight, customs & regulations management, warehousing & fulfilment, last mile delivery & returns as well as ecommerce web services, to its customers.

SingPost won the World Mail Award for ecommerce in June 2014 and was ranked the top postal agency in the world in an Accenture report. SingPost also gained international acclaim when it was bestowed the Service Provider of the Year 2012 award by Postal Technology International. SingPost is the only company to win to the Universal Postal Union’s EMS Cooperative award for its Speedpost courier service every year since 2001.

SingPost's subsidiaries and businesses include:

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  • Quantium Solutions which specialises in logistics and fulfilment services to businesses in the Asia Pacific region
  • CouriersPlease, a leading metropolitan express parcel delivery service in Australia
  • Famous Holdings, an established freight consolidator and freight-forwarder with a regional presence in 7 countries
  • Lock+Store, a self-storage operator in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia
  • Speedpost, a leading provider for courier service in Singapore and international shipping to more than 200 destinations across the globe 
  • vPOST, one of the largest online shopping and shipping services providers in Southeast Asia
  • Omigo Marketplace, Singapore’s online marketplace for consumers to shop and for SMEs and international brands to sell online 
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