13 Jan 2015

New Solutions to Boost Blogshops and SMEs’ eCommerce Businesses

  • New SmartPac Lite for more convenient and affordable posting
  • New dedicated Bulk Package Counter at Lock+Store Serangoon North outlet for fast posting
  • New offering of serviced offices by Lock+Store

Singapore, 13 January 2015 - SingPost Group has strengthened its suite of integrated ecommerce solutions for blogshops and SMEs with the launch of its new SmartPac Lite and Bulk Package Counter at the Lock+Store Serangoon North outlet, offering them greater convenience and cost efficiency. With SingPost’s integrated suite of ecommerce solutions, they can drop off packages faster and more easily at the dedicated counter, after preparing their packages by paying and printing the postage at their convenience from their homes or offices.

SingPost also has postage-paid boxes and envelopes with tracking features. Blogshop owners and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can now also tap on Lock+Store’s short-and long-term storage facilities with an option to use its ‘store, pack and deliver’ service for added convenience and speed. They can also leverage its serviced offices for their business needs.

E-commerce in Singapore has grown significantly over the last few years due to increasing online interactions as a result of wide adoption of digital technologies like the smart mobile devices and internet. Singapore’s e-commerce has grown from S$1.1 billion in 2010 to a forecasted S$4.4 billion in 2015 . In tandem with the e-shopping/elifestyle trends, SingPost constantly innovates and broadens its suite of solutions to help blogshops and SMEs to grow their e-commerce businesses.

Dr Wolfgang Baier, Group CEO of SingPost said: “Our focus is on helping businesses grow online both in Singapore and in the region, tapping on our full suite of ecommerce logistics solutions. Leveraging on the synergies between SingPost and Lock+Store, we are able to provide one stop integrated end-to-end ecommerce logistic services for blogshop owners and SMEs, including cost-effective self-storage and serviced office space."

Mr Woo Keng Leong, Senior Executive Vice President/Head of Postal Services of SingPost, elaborated: “SingPost is focused on helping SMEs and blogshops to expand their businesses in the domestic market as well as extend into the region. We understand the need for SMEs to have quick, convenient and flexible solutions to cater to their various needs as their businesses grow. We believe in catering to these needs through customised solutions like Bulk Package Counter, SmartPac and ezy2ship tool which accommodate the surge in e-commerce related activities. Additionally, blogshops and SMEs can tap our self-storage solutions and fully furnished serviced offices as they expand their business.”

New SmartPac Lite for more convenient and affordable posting

As online shopping grows, so do the volumes of e-commerce packages. In Singapore, the number of packages has increased by almost 100% since 2006. Today, on average per month, SingPost processes about 4 million mail packets. Of this, 30% are ecommerce items.

To cater to a growing population of local online retailers, SingPost has developed an envelope version of SmartPac known as SmartPac Lite for e-commerce items up to 1kg in November 2014. Measuring 240mm x 330mm, the SmartPac Lite gives blogshops and SMEs another convenient choice of delivery. It is retailing at S$3.80. This new innovative product is part of SingPost’s continued efforts to deliver increasing value to customers.

With the launch of the SmartPac Lite, customers will have two different postage-paid packaging from which to choose: the SmartPac introduced in 2010, and the new SmartPac Lite. Both products offer tracking features. SmartPac is ideal for accessories, clothing, electronic products, books, toys or other items of up to 3kg and costs S$4.70.

Ms Beh Jiaqi, blogshop owner of Wonderstellar, said: “The SmartPac Lite is a welcome addition to the popular SmartPac, providing us with another option for next working day delivery at an affordable flat-rate. It simplifies shipping and eliminates the need to weigh packages up to 1kg. SmartPac Lite is fuss free, quick and convenient to use. In addition, there is a tracking feature available and this provides a peace of mind for my customers.”

New Bulk Package Counter At Lock+Store Serangoon North Outlet Cuts Down Posting Time

To further heighten the convenience factor for blogshop owners and SMEs, SingPost rolled out the Bulk Package Counter initiative at the Lock+Store Serangoon North outlet in October 2014 on a 3-month basis. This initiative helps make sending packages quicker and easier.

Prior to the pre-pilot trial, SingPost conducted a survey on customer posting needs. More than 30% of the registered articles and normal packages posted are from the northeast area of Singapore. SingPost has also received feedback from customers requesting for a dedicated counter for bulk packages.

The Lock+Store Serangoon North outlet was identified as an ideal venue to house the Bulk Package Counter as it serves 15 post offices in the vicinity.

Greater Convenience with ezy2ship

To save time at the Bulk Package Counter, blogshops and SMEs can tap on ezy2ship which allows them to prepare, pay and print postages for their packages easily from their home/office and at their own convenience. The ezy2hip tool also allows them to manage and track their shipments easily.

Customers can save up to 75% of their time at the post office counter by using ezy2ship. Based on a test conducted, the usual average time required for posting 20 registered articles at the post office is about 4 minutes compared to those using ezy2ship who spend about a minute. This excludes queuing time.

New Offering of Serviced Offices by Lock+Store

SMEs and blogshops can also tap on the short-and long-term storage facilities to manage their operating costs. They can also make use of Lock+Store’s ‘store, pack and deliver’ service which offer added convenience and speed.

In November 2014, Lock+Store launched 1,300 sqft of net leasable office space at its flagship Chai Chee self-storage facility. It has also refurbished its existing office space at Tanjong Pagar and will expand the net leasable space by 850 sqft.

Mr Rocky Ang, Director of SR Data Dynamic Pte Ltd, said he rented an office space at Lock+Store Tanjong Pagar as his business operations had expanded beyond his current office space. He said, "I needed an extra office space where I could set up and get to work speedily. I wanted the office to be located next to my storage unit at Lock+Store to remove the hassle of travelling whenever I need access to my inventory. I chose Lock+Store Tanjong Pagar because it is centrally located just outside the CBD and because of the flexible lease period. It helps that the front office staff are also friendly and helpful."

Currently serviced office space offerings are available at Lock+Store Tanjong Pagar and Lock+Store Chai Chee outlets.


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About Singapore Post Limited
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Singapore Post (SingPost) is the leading provider of mail, logistics and ecommerce solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, with operations in more than 10 countries.

As Singapore’s national postal service provider, SingPost offers trusted communications through domestic and international postal services as well as end-to-end integrated mail solutions covering secure data printing, letter-shopping, delivery and mailroom management, among others. For over 150 years, SingPost has been delivering a trusted and reliable service to citizens, residents, corporations and businesses in Singapore.

As part of its transformation, SingPost has been steadily expanding beyond Singapore, leveraging its regional platform Quantium Solutions and other subsidiaries and partners. With its regional network and infrastructure, SingPost offers fully integrated ecommerce logistics solutions covering the four areas of freight, customs & regulations management, warehousing & fulfilment, last mile delivery & returns as well as ecommerce web services, to its customers.

SingPost won the World Mail Award for ecommerce in June 2014 and was ranked the top postal agency in the world in an Accenture report. SingPost also gained international acclaim when it was bestowed the Service Provider of the Year 2012 award by Postal Technology International. SingPost is the only company to win to the Universal Postal Union’s EMS Cooperative award for its Speedpost courier service every year since 2001.

SingPost's subsidiaries and businesses include:

  • SP eCommerce, an ecommerce enabler that provides brands and retailers with integrated end-to-end ecommerce solutions 
  • Quantium Solutions which specialises in logistics and fulfilment services to businesses in the Asia Pacific region
  • CouriersPlease, a leading metropolitan express parcel delivery service in Australia
  • Famous Holdings, an established freight consolidator and freight-forwarder with a regional presence in 7 countries
  • Lock+Store, a self-storage operator in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia
  • Speedpost, a leading provider for courier service in Singapore and international shipping to more than 200 destinations across the globe 
  • vPOST, one of the largest online shopping and shipping services providers in Southeast Asia
  • Omigo Marketplace, Singapore’s online marketplace for consumers to shop and for SMEs and international brands to sell online 
  • SAM, a digital mailbox with bill payment services which can be accessed anywhere, anytime


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