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Overseas Mobile Top Up Service powered by Transfer-To 

In July 2010, SingPost launched Singapore's first over-the-counter overseas mobile top up service. With this new service, foreign nationals living in Singapore can instantaneously top up the prepaid mobile cards of their loved ones back home at any of SingPost's post offices island-wide.

This overseas mobile top up service will be a blessing to some 1.25 million non-residents in Singapore, enabling them to maintain strong ties with their families and loved ones abroad. It complements the remittance services available at SingPost's branches, giving these residents another option to top up overseas prepaid mobile cards, besides the traditional method of cash transfers.

Those wanting to send small-value gifts to their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals or anniversaries will welcome the overseas mobile top up service which provides immediate top-up.

Currently available for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, the overseas mobile top up service will be extended to other countries soon.

To perform an international top-up, the sender needs only to provide the mobile phone number of his recipient, select the top-up value, and make payment by cash or direct debit card, and the transfer is processed real-time through TransferTo's secure platform. Both sender and recipient receive an instant SMS confirmation upon a successful transaction.


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Overseas Mobile Top Up Service (powered by Transfer-To)

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