My Mail Box

My Mail Box is ideal for frequent movers – and no matter where you move, your My Mail Box number will conveniently remain the same! Now you do not have to keep updating everyone where you move to.

You will also never have to disclose your real address and still get your mail delivered to you – a great way to receive mail in privacy!

How It Works


at any post office near you


others on your new My Mail Box No.


your mail in privacy at your preferred residential address

  One Time Registration Fee Annual Fee
Singapore Address S$10 S$60 ($5/month)
Overseas Address S$10 S$360 ($30/month)
Prices are not inclusive of GST.

How to Apply

  Apply / Renew at any of our Post Offices - Locate us
  Apply online via SAM Web  - Apply Online
  1. Sign up or Login to your SAM account on SAM Web.
  2. Under Payments, go to Postal Services > My Mail Box Application
  3. Follow the instructions and click “Submit”.

Payment can be made via credit card or eNETS Debit.

You can also renew your My Mail Box subscription online via SAM Web! Payment can be made via credit card or eNETS Debit.