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Looking for a simple delivery solution to send gifts to your loved ones or handle the shipments for your small business?

ezy2ship can help you to book delivery services for your local and worldwide shipments*, make payment and print delivery labels and documents, all within a few clicks from the comfort of your desk. You can also schedule for a courier collection or choose to drop-off your parcels at any post office counter. ezy2ship is entirely web-based and can be accessed at a time convenient to you, 24/7.

*Selected SingPost delivery services are available on ezy2ship.


Ship Your Parcel In 3 Simple Steps


Step 1 : Sign up for an account
Step 2 : Enter shipment details, make payment and print shipping label
Step 3 : Schedule collection by courier, or drop-off at any post office

 Watch the video to learn how to use ezy2ship



    Benefits :


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    Manage and track all
    your shipments on
    one portal

    Save time and better
    control in planning
    your shipment

    Import shipping data
    to process multiple
    shipment entries at
    one go

    Eliminate manual paper             work




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