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You need your own space. We all do. And SingPost understands the need for privacy. That's why we are pleased to bring you a new service that will do just that for you.

With My Mail Box, your residential address can NOW be a unique private number. Wherever you are, your mail will be delivered to you. And no matter where you move, your number conveniently remains the same.

My Mail Box Moves with you Locally & Abroad

Your private My Mail Box number is linked to your local residential or overseas residential address. It is so convenient; you don't have to keep updating everyone where you move to.

My Mail Box Makes Privacy and Convenience Affordable

For a My Mail Box number linked to a local residential address, it works out to just S$5 (S$5.35 w/GST) a month:

Subscription period

One-time registration fee

Fee for 1st year

Fee renewal every subsequent year

1st year

(S$10.70 w/GST)

(S$64.20 w/GST)

(S$64.20 w/GST)

f you want your My Mail Box number to be linked to an overseas residential address, it only costs an extra S$25 (S$26.75 w/GST) a month.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Singapore Post Limited
PO Box Section
10 Eunos Rd
Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600

PO Box Section Hotline Number: 68456224/5/6/7
Fax Number: 68423776


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