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Philately & Stamps

Stamp Terms 

Find out the different types of stamp products produced by SingPost.


Annual Collection

This is a yearly issue that contains all the information you need on the year’s stamp issues. Packed between its pages is an entire year’s collection of stamps, illustrated with brilliant photographs and well-written compositions, offering background information to the stamp issues of the year and their designers.






Commemorative / Special Stamps

Commemorative stamps celebrate significant national and international events while Special Stamps depict subjects of general interest such as flora, fauna, culture, history and architecture. Greeting stamps can be used on special occasions to convey joyous messages of love and caring.



Definitive Stamps

These are stamps printed to meet normal postal demand. New definitive stamps are released every 3 - 5 years.


First Day Covers

These specially designed envelopes complement the design of the new issue stamps, which are usually cancelled with a pictorial postmark indicating the date of issue. A hot favourite among collectors!



These are postcards with designs that are of the same theme as the stamps and postmarks of the same subject. They are available only on the first day of issue.


Miniature Sheets

These are printed sheets usually with a complete set of stamps. Exhibition souvenir sheets are miniature sheets overprinted with an exhibition logo to commemorate participation at a stamp exhibition.



You can create a stamp that is uniquely yours by printing your favourite photo, personalized message or logo on a tab beside a postage stamp. A great way to announce wedding news, birthdays and company anniversaries etc.


Postage Labels

These are self-adhesive labels available in a range of postage values from self-service postage label vending machines.




Presentation Packs

The stamps in these packs are mounted in protective strips encased in folders printed with background information on the stamp issue. Definitely an ideal gift for all and a neat way to keep your favourite stamps.




Souvenir Covers / Prepaid Envelopes

Specially postmarked, souvenir covers can be mailed overseas whilst prepaid envelopes, which carry a postage imprint, are meant for local use only.