Philately & Stamps

Stamp Production

Stamps…these humble pieces of coloured papers that we stick on envelopes as postage are not only miniature works of art but also an ever-changing reminder of our history and progress.

Singapore Post produces more than a million pieces of stamps every year and each can take up to almost two years to perfect!

So if you want to know what goes into the making a stamp, just follow us and we'll take you through the various stages of stamp production!

Stamp Themes

On average, there are 10-12 new stamp issues released in a year. The new stamps incorporate themes on the country’s cultural and historical heritage, monuments, attractions, flora and fauna, achievements etc.

Stamp Design & Printing

Stamp designs do reflect national culture and national identity, which also make them great ambassadors. In many ways, the quality of stamp designs bear witness to the level of artistic and graphic skills. Indeed, stamp designing carried designers far from the cost-conscious world of commercial designing and provided them the opportunity to work at one of the highest levels of print media.

Singapore stamps are designed by Singaporeans. Stamp designers are required to provide the full set of finished artwork for printing. Close attention is paid to the finer details of the subject depicted and the line works e.g. the logos, lettering, Latin names etc. It is vital to be accurate as  inaccuracies or design errors would cause embarrassment to Singapore as the stamp issuing country.

All stamps are printed by reputable stamp security printers. Stamp printing employs the latest in printing technology and the highest quality is expected of the final printed stamp.

Stamp printing methods include offset, photogravure and intaglio printing or a combination of these techniques.

Stamps, First Day Covers, Presentation Packs

Every stamp issue is not complete without the first day covers, presentation packs and datestamps.