Payment & Other Services


You can now purchase your air ticket at your nearest post office or SAM. You can also book, pay and collect tickets via our network, conveniently located all over Singapore.

TicketingPost OfficeSAMvBOX
Payment of JetStar Asia Airways bills N.A
Payment of Scoots Air Tickets N.A
Book & Pay BusOnlineTicket N.A N.A
Pay BusOnlineTicket N.A N.A
Collection of F1 Tickets N.A N.A
Purchase of Sports Hub Tix tickets* N.A. N.A


* Sports Hub Tix provides ticketing services for all events staged at Singapore Sports Hub. The venues include the Singapore Indoor Stadium, National Stadium, Aquatic Centre and the Sports Halls. Tickets are available at all SingPost Post Offices.


What to bring:

Payment of JetStar Asia Airways bills

  • Provide "Booking Reference No" by filling the "Payment For Air Ticket Bookings" form