Payment & Other Services

Financial Services & Insurance

Paying your insurance or credit card bills and loans is easy at SingPost. We own one of the largest retail distribution networks in Singapore with our extensive tri-channel network of post offices, SAM kiosks or SAM Web

Financial Services & InsurancePost OfficeSAM KioskSAM Web
Application of Credit Bureau Report N.A
Application of Credit Bureau Enquiry Services N.A N.A
Payment of Citibank Credit Card and Loans
(Personal Loans/ Ready Credit)
Payment of AIA Insurance selected
Payment of American Express Credit Card N.A N.A
Payment of ANZ Credit Card and Loans (Moneyline, Postline) N.A 
Payment of eTiQa (HDB Fire Insurance)
Payment of GE Money Auto Loan N.A N.A
Payment of GE Money Personal Loan N.A
Payment of HSBC Credit Card & Personal Line of Credit N.A
Payment of HSBC Insurance N.A. N.A
Payment of Maybank Credit Card N.A. N.A
Payment of Prudential Assurance Bills N.A
Payment of Standard Chartered Visa Credit Card N.A N.A
Payment of United Overseas Bank Credit Card N.A


What to bring:

  1. Application of Credit Bureau's services:
    • NRIC

  2. Payment of credit card bills, loans and insurance
    • Respective bills or notices